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Iraq move a bid to avoid war: Saddam

Baghdad, Nov. 16 (Reuters): President Saddam Hussein told Iraqs parliament in a message broadcast today that he had decided to accept the terms of a harsh UN resolution to disarm to avert a US attack.

The Iraqi leader said he hoped this decision would prove that Baghdad was not concealing any weapons of mass destruction. In a letter addressed to parliament, Saddam said he had mulled the MPs recommendation that Baghdad reject the resolution, but had chosen to allow the weapons inspectors back to undermine the US and foil its plans for war.

We hope that the method we have used will achieve the stated aim of those with no evil intentions in the Security Council, and that is that they know the truth as it is: Iraq is devoid of weapons of mass destruction.

Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix said in Paris today that the inspections will begin on November 27, and warned Saddam to disclose all his weapons of mass destruction.

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