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Nepal bleeds in Maoist strikes
Maoist rebels struck last night in two places leaving 56 security personnel, including four soldiers, dead. According to Reuters, 95 people were killed. ...  | Read.. 
Militant executed in Virginia
The native city of a Pakistani Islamic militant executed in the United States for murdering two CIA employees mourned his death today and hundreds of people thronged to his h ...  | Read.. 
Hu in reforms vow
China’s new leader Hu Jintao assured the world today that the country’s commitment to opening up its economy will remain unchanged in the new regime he will preside over. ...  | Read.. 
Iran hawks demand death for dissident
Some 1,000 Iranian hardliners demonstrated today to demand the death sentence for a dissident academic in a backlash against the biggest student pro-reform protests in the Is ...  | Read.. 
Kylie Minogue poses with two trophies during the MTV Europe Music Awards at the Palau Sant Jordi pavilion in Barcelona on Thursday. She won for the be ...  | Read
Beckham bull
Pervez set for new 5-yr term
Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf will be sworn in for a new five-year term tomorrow, the day o..  | Read.. 
Inspectors must be fair: Russia
Russia today urged UN weapons inspectors returning to Baghdad to focus solely on the disarmament jo..  | Read.. 
US plans kid-friendly Internet
A proposal to create a kid-friendly Internet zone free of v ...  | Read.. 

‘Spectacular’ alert in US
Osama bin Laden’s al Qaida network may be plotting “spectac ...  | Read.. 

West to witness meteor shower of the century
Star gazers in Europe, Britain and North America are in for ...  | Read..