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Folk theatre fest

As part of the ongoing 7th Multilingual Theatre Festival, Trikarshi presents Dulari Bai, a folk tale in Chhatisgarhi style this evening at 6. Directed by K.G. Trivedi, this play in Hindi centres around Dulari Bai, a greedy and miser woman. Despite being prosperous, she still hankers for more. One day God appears before her and asks her to make a wish. Dulari seeks to have ‘Midas’ touch’ from God. Her boon is granted and she is elated, but when a hungry Dulari settles down to have her meal, to her horror, her food turns to gold! She realises her flaw and changes her ways for the better. The festival concludes tomorrow with the staging of the Hindi play, Raja Ki Khoj (at 7 pm). Directed by Ashish Ghosh of ANANT (Association for Nascent Arts and Natural Theatre), New Delhi, this Panchatantra-based Kathavachak musical raises the issue of democracy. Once upon a time, a clever jackal tried to fool an idle lion king and his inefficient stupid courtesans, but became a victim of his own trick when a cleverer rabbit blew the wraps on him. An EZCC presentation.

When: Today and tomorrow

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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