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Saddam’s son supports, House snubs UN
Iraq’s parliament un animously rejected today a new UN resolution calling on Baghdad to disarm, but said President Saddam Hussein had the final word. ...  | Read.. 
Bio arms unite India, Pak
A group of developing states led by Iran, India, Pakistan and Cuba held out today against a “take it or leave it” plan to keep alive talks on strengthening a global pact agai ...  | Read.. 
Nepal strike
A general strike called by Maoist rebels to protest against King Gyanendra's decision last month to dismiss Nepal's elected government paralysed the scenic Himalaya ...  | Read.. 
Pak order on missing doctor
A Pakistan court ordered the military government today to reveal the whereabouts of a prominent doctor detained on suspicion of links with al Qaida, after the interior minist ...  | Read.. 
Sophie Martin (left) of the Royal Academy is seen in a reflection as she admires a head of an Aztec Eagle Warrior in London. The statue is part of an ...  | Read
Spiritual yearning
Fur foxed
Spanish sun
Opera rise
Trinity library has a clone in Star Wars
Star Wars director George Lucas, please phone home... or at least get in touch with the libr..  | Read.. 
It’s not what you eat, but how you fry or microwave it
It may not be what you eat, but how you cook it, that affects whether food causes heart disease, di..  | Read.. 
Iran protests swell
Thousands of Iranian students ignored official warnings and ...  | Read.. 

Polls not bound by Pervez laws
The Pakistan Supreme Court has said the October 10 polls we ...  | Read.. 

Apartheid suit against US firms
South African activists said today they had filed suit in a ...  | Read.. 

Chandrika supports peace talks with Tigers
Sri Lanka’s President pledged her support for the peace pro ...  | Read.. 

Rape tape not with Butler
Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler who has told s ...  | Read.. 

MTV show replay sets boy on fire
A 15-year-old Washington state boy suffered serious burns w ...  | Read.. 

Churchill suit to be auctioned
A ghostly reminder of British wartime leader Winston Church ...  | Read.. 

Herat ban on wedding parties in restaurants
Afghanistan’s western city of Herat has reimposed a ban on ...  | Read..