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Long live reform, if it is not political
Economic reforms, yes; political reforms, no. Jiang Zemin?s political report, which predicted an even greater push to economic reforms, has dashed hopes for any change in its authoritarian politics. ...  | Read.. 
Disarm pressure mounts on Iraq
Baghdad came under mounting pressure today to accept a new UN resolution to disarm, with Arab ministers calling it Iraq?s best hope of avoiding a military strike by the US. ...  | Read.. 
Khatami armour against hardliners
Iran?s parliament today approved a draft bill to allow President Mohammad Khatami curb the power of the hardline judiciary, part of a bid to assert his authority over conserv ...  | Read.. 
Requiem for theatre victims
The lights in the hall dimmed, and the musicians walked in, taking their seats. ...  | Read.. 
A Chinese protester is led away by a policeman before he is able to fling leaflets into the air outside the Great Hall of the People. (Reuters)
Deadlocked Pak hints at re-elections
As the stalemate over government formation continued, President Pervez Musharraf has called ..  | Read.. 
Skeletons tumble out of royal cupboard
Fresh claims that British royals hushed up the rape of a servant, and tabloid reports that a butler..  | Read.. 
Hawks set term for amnesty
While continuing their anti-Musharraf campaign, the Allianc ...  | Read..