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Divorce prize

Sydney, Nov. 7 (Reuters): An Australian law firm has offered up a free divorce as a prize in a Red Cross auction to raise funds for victims of the Bali bombings.

The divorce is just one of 100 prizes up for auction on Sunday to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross which is helping victims of the October 12 blasts on the Indonesian resort island that killed more than 180 people and wounded hundreds.

Teena Gilbert, co-organiser of the charity auction at the Tracy Village Social and Sports Club in the northern city of Darwin, said the A$1,000 ($560) prize was being donated by a legal practice.

my assistant first told me I thought: ‘Oh God’, I wouldn’t like my husband to see me bidding for a divorce,” Gilbert said.

Sorry thief

Tehran (Reuters): Iranian police are looking for a phoney sorcerer who conned a man into believing he was invisible and could rob banks, the Jam-e Jam newspaper said on Thursday. Customers at a Tehran bank quickly overpowered the deluded robber after he started snatching banknotes from their hands. Appearing in court, the repentant thief said he paid five million rials ($625) to a man who gave him some spells and told him to tie them to his arm to become invisible. “I made a mistake. I understand now what a big trick was played on me,” the would-be bank robber was reported as telling the judge. His name was not given.

No milk

Biggs, California (Reuters): Whatever you want to say about Biggs, California — it ain’t “Got Milk'” After a week which saw the small community catapulted into the international spotlight after it considered changing its name to “Got Milk'” to mark the 10th anniversary of a milk marketing campaign, city elders turned down the proposal which left many local residents with a sour taste in their mouths.

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