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Butler attacks Diana family

London, Nov. 7 (Reuters): Former royal butler Paul Burrell launched a vitriolic attack on the family of Britain’s late Princess Diana today, calling them hypocritical, foul-mouthed and jealous.

He put the knife into the Spencer family after being acquitted of stealing Diana’s belongings. His trial collapsed last week when revelations from Queen Elizabeth undermined the prosecution’s case.

Burrell wreaked his revenge on Diana’s family in the latest round of “What The Butler Said” tabloid revelations in the Daily Mirror. He was scornful of Earl Spencer’s funeral oration for his sister. “My stomach turned. I thought: ‘Am I the only person here who thinks he is a hypocrite'’”

In a pointed attack on Spencer’s memorial museum on the family estate where she is buried, he said: “I, for one, would not parade her life and charge £10.50 a time.”

The Spencers refused to be drawn on Burrell’s tirade. “The Spencer family will be making no comment on these matters. There is more dignity in silence,” a spokesman told Reuters.

Burrell said Diana had asked him to listen in to a phone conversation she was having with her mother, Frances Shand Kydd. “It was horrible. She was using the kind of language you would never expect to hear a mother ever say to a daughter.”

He said Diana’s older sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, who once dated Prince Charles, was jealous of her, telling her on her wedding day: “I thought all this would be mine one day.”

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