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200-yr jail for Prabhakaran
A Sri Lankan court sentenced the reclusive leader of the LTTE to 200 years in jail today as the rebels sat down for peace talks with the government in Thailand to end two decades of war. ...  | Read.. 
New star clue to birth of universe
A newly-identified star in the southern Milky Way that may be the oldest ever found will provide clues to what the universe was made of shortly after the Big Bang. ...  | Read.. 
Italy earthquake kills children in nursery
Six people were killed by an earthquake in this south-central medieval town in Italy today, including four children crushed when their nursery school collapsed during a Hallo ...  | Read.. 
Tobacco titan faces EU case
The European Commission said today it had filed a civil lawsuit in a US court against cigarette maker R.J. Reynolds, accusing the firm of money-laundering. ...  | Read.. 
Velupillai Prabhakaran
Truth behind wine buffs’ fancy phrases
The honeyed phrases flow like the wines they describe, but the truth is that wine experts often use..  | Read.. 
Winona Ryder’s most damaging day in court
Winona Ryder endured her most damaging day in court so far yesterday as a witness testified seeing ..  | Read.. 
Russia slams door on peace talks
The Kremlin slammed the door on a peaceful answer to the de ...  | Read.. 

Israel picks ex-army chief for defence
Former army chief Shaul Mofaz, known for tough tactics agai ...  | Read..