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Use depth of crease while playing on the backfoot

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I am a right-arm medium-pace bowler and my height is five feet four inches. What are the points to concentrate on to achieve the right run-up'

Punit Agarwal, 17, Calcutta

The run-up has to be smooth. Itís important to gather acceleration and momentum just before the time of delivery.

I am a right-hand bat. How should the feet move while playing short-pitched deliveries'

Sohag Kumar Patra, 11, Calcutta

Watch the ball till the very end. And while playing back, use the depth of the crease in order to gain that extra second of time.

I am a batsman and hate taking risks. I have played important innings for school and academy and yet my coach insists I should take more chances to score faster. How to strike the right balance'

Debjit Mukherjee, 15, Ranchi

One you get your eye in, itís important to strike a balance between caution and aggression. To be aggressive, you must concentrate on playing shots you are good at.

I am an opening batsman and have tried the reverse sweep without success. Shall I just forget that shot for the moment'

Md Naushad Ahmed, 15, Korseong

Yes I would think so. You should first concentrate on the orthodox sweep and try the other one only after you grow in confidence.

I am a right-arm medium-pacer finding it difficult to control the ball while trying out-swingers. How to improve'

Manish Lahoti, 16, Murshidabad

Concentrate on the positioning of your head and wrist at the time of delivery.

I am a left-hand bat struggling against balls bowled from left-arm over/right-arm round and moving out after pitching on off-middle. What to concentrate on'

Avirup Gupta, 16, Chandannagore

Itís very important to know where your off-stump is. Once you are sure where that is, you will know which ball to play or which ball to leave.

I am a right-hander finding it difficult against out-swingers pitched on middle stump. Please advise.

Aniruddh Haldar, 13, Serampore

Itís very important that you play the ball late and allow the ball to come to you rather than reach for it.

What are the basics of becoming a good fielder'

Shoubhik Bose, 15, Chandannagore

Flexibility, agility and anticipation are the basics. You have to have all this and practise very hard.

I am a right-hand bat and often end up being caught behind down the leg side while sweeping. How to rectify this'

Roshan Khatiwora, 13, Pakyong (Sikkim)

The problem here is you are going too far across with the frontfoot. As a result, you are exposing the bat and gloves to the wicketkeeper. This means you are not getting the Ďcoverí at the time of contact.

I am a wicketkeeper struggling with collection on the leg side against spinners. How to correct this'

Murtaza M. Zavery, 16, Calcutta

Footwork is very important. You must learn to move quickly and sideways. Also, donít make the mistake of getting up early.

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