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Kalam E-concern call

Bangalore, Oct. 28: President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam today coined a new term for information technology — E-Concern.

Inaugurating the annual IT.Com organised by the Karnataka government, the President urged infotech giants to “go beyond what they are doing now and propagate E-Concern” so that their skills and strength benefit large sections of humanity.

Digressing from the prepared text of his speech, Kalam recounted his experience in the Northeast in the last couple of days.

“Yesterday, I was asked by a small Naga girl as to what she should do to make her state prosperous and peaceful. I want to talk to you about her question and my answer to it. My answer is that prosperity and peace can be achieved only through development.” E-Concern should be practised and propagated to aid development, he added.

“Take up at least one project in the Northeast, Jharkhand and Bihar, and improve the condition of those regions, too. Remember, only when your neighbours prosper can you prosper,” Kalam told captains of the IT industry.

“Development is driven by the power of knowledge which in turn is driven by technology which again is driven by resources investment,” Kalam said, adding that this is the reason why it is the responsibility of infotech companies to invest in undeveloped areas. “I will celebrate the day when IT goes to remote Indian villages.”

The President later chaired a session of IT.Com dealing with “IT for Common Man”.

In his presentation, Kalam called for the formulation of a national agenda for taking information technology to the common man.

He also highlighted how administrative mechanism at the Centre and in states can be fine-tuned to push forward IT for the common man.

At Kanteerava stadium, Kalam took a class on the Internet, attended by around 3,000 students from schools across the state.

Here, too, Kalam focused on the twin issues of development and poverty alleviation.

“When you enjoy the benefits of the Internet, you should remember that over 300 million people in this country are below the poverty line and do not have access to these modern facilities,” the President told the students.

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