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‘If they (Anglo-Indian schools) so value their independence, they will have to learn to live without state help’
School education department official

NRI trinity pilots neuro centre
On a journey back to the roots, three neurosurgeons, based in London, Toronto and New York, have joined forces to set up a “world-class” neurological institute in the city they grew up in....  | Read.. 
Manpower audit or DA axe threat for schools
Anglo-Indian schools are set to lose their freedom of recruiting teachers and other employees, with the government announcing...  | Read.. 
Syllabus boost sparks hike in medical fees
The government has decided to effect a steep hike in tuition fees for medical courses as part of its move to revamp the medic...  | Read.. 
Spy slur to razor death
Sk. Azad, 19, of Mominpore, murdered former friend Imran Wahab, 16, of Ekbalpore late on Saturday at the crowded Mominpore ju...  | Read.. 
A brush with Suchitra Sen
60 canvases of screen goddess lined up for December display

For years, the screen goddess has been the veiled woman. But she continues to invade our homes every day on one Bengali chann ...  | Read.. 
His roots are in Bangladesh, his base is now Paris. For artist Sahabuddin, returning to Calcutta for an exhibition after four years is “almost like co ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, October 28, 2002
Roads to avoid
Diwali fair
An exposition
Biplab Kumar Banerjee and Dwijendranath Sarkar. F...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Bill Gates. You will be brimming with fresh ideas. Your career will change for the better. ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Short on money and men
  Human angle shadow on shanty eviction
Wild flowers in a fold
Saburo Kase was born with impaired vision and at age 12, he completely lost...  | Read.. 

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School caretaker shot and wounded
Policeman in bridge mishap
Hooking arrests
Imposter cops
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Assault in a place of worship
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