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Russia breathes sigh of relief
A single blast ripped through the damp dawn, shattering the silence and heralding the end of three days of humiliation, threat and fear for the hostages held in a Moscow theatre. ...  | Read.. 
Pak power transfer in early Nov
Pakistan¬ís military regime finalised plans to transfer power to newly elected political leaders during the first week of November. ...  | Read.. 
Woody calls himself a failed artist
Quirky comedy director Woody Allen dismissed himself as a failed artist today and described American cinema as a sink-hole of mindless entertainment where everyone was obsess ...  | Read.. 
A female terrorist lies dead inside the Moscow theatre. (Reuters)
US states vie to charge sniper
People in around the US capital enjoyed a weekend free of fear today as a Maryland state prosecutor..  | Read.. 
Survivors suffering from gas poisoning
Many survivors of the Russian theatre siege were suffering from gas poisoning today, supporting re..  | Read..