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Pak cricket team doctor detained
Pakistani intelligence officials and FBI agents put prominent orthopaedic surgeon Dr Amir Aziz Khan under detention yesterday evening. ...  | Read.. 
Bulldogs off Oxford beat
Oxford University is to disband an institution that has been keeping a beady eye on its students for almost 800 years. ...  | Read.. 
SC ruling pushes Lanka towards polls
Sri Lanka could be headed for a snap election after the Supreme Court ruled today the government had to call a referendum if it wanted constitutional changes to limit the Pre ...  | Read.. 
Govt blamed for harassing scribe
Relatives of a US-based Pakistani journalist accused the Islamabad government and military intelligence officials today of harassing them to force him to stop writing against ...  | Read.. 
(From left) Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu take time out from filming CharlieĀ’s Angels Full Throttle in Los Angeles to support the ...  | Read
Deathly doctor
Apple art
Party shakeup in China
The Communist Party bosses of Beijing and Shanghai have stepped down to take central government pos..  | Read.. 
Celine gives up glitz for grime
Canadian pop diva Celine Dion has glowed in the glamour of Grammy awards and is preparing to hit th..  | Read.. 
Ershad travel ban
Bangladesh authorities, who last week launched a massive cr ...  | Read.. 

NY Times sole owner of Herald Tribune
The New York Times Co. said today it had agreed to buy the ...  | Read.. 

Russia snubs US on Iraq
Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov criticised a proposed ...  | Read..