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2 Asian students shot in Melbourne
A man armed with several handguns walked into an Australian university lecture room today, shot dead two students and wounded five before he was overpowered by the victimsí classmates, police said. ...  | Read.. 
Thieves of Baghdad fuel fears
Baghdadis braced today for the influx of hundreds, if not thousands, of common law prisoners once considered dangerous criminals but now set free under a general amnesty by S ...  | Read.. 
Israel blast
Palestinian suicide bombers detonated a car packed with explosives next to a bus in northern Israel today, killing at least eight people and injuring more than 40, police sai ...  | Read.. 
Elections by April, says Nepal PM
Nepalís interim Prime Minister said today he was committed to holding early national elections in the Himalayan kingdom gripped by political confusion since King Gyanendra di ...  | Read.. 
Celine Dion during a news conference in La Louviere, Belgium, on Monday. Dion has moved to Belgium for three months in order to rehearse for a series ...  | Read
Gallows cloud on Bashir
A Muslim cleric detained as Indonesia moves to crack down on terrorism after bomb blasts in Bali fa..  | Read.. 
Born in the USA, Boss rocks to repair German ties
Bruce Springsteen made a contribution to repairing tattered German-American relations yesterday wit..  | Read.. 
Two arrested in hunt for serial sniper
Officers arrested two people and seized a white van today t ...  | Read.. 

Pak bid to calm House fears
Pakistanís military-led government denied today it was drag ...  | Read..