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Sex switch

Tokyo, Oct. 18 (Reuters): Some male politicians in Japan are so keen to win a Cabinet post that they’re thinking of having a sex change operation, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was quoted as telling members of a gender equality panel.

Koizumi reshuffled and slimmed down his Cabinet last month, all four female ministers survived. Male lawmakers envied the four women, Kyodo news agency quoted Koizumi as telling panel members at a restaurant on Thursday evening. “Some are thinking about undergoing sex change surgery,” he joked.

Koizumi defended his appointments. “Some people bad-mouth me, saying 'Koizumi just believes in appointing women', but I have been promoting people who are capable,” he said. “Women are appointed to posts in the Cabinet because they are excellent.”

Sick sniffer

Tel Aviv (Reuters): Israeli police have arrested a computer programmer who gets his kicks by stealing and sniffing the shoes and socks of female colleagues. Police found 205 pairs of ladies shoes, as well as socks and items of underwear, hidden in the attic of the 33-year-old married man, a spokeswoman for the Sharon region police department said on Thursday. “He would take the keys of his co-workers, make copies and then go to their houses when they weren’t home,” the spokeswoman said. “We also found ladies underwear, but mainly it was shoes and socks.”

Bloody bites

Modesto, California (Reuters): A California woman who allegedly flew into a rage and bit her husband repeatedly after he refused to have sex with her is being held on charges that police say may eventually include murder. Modesto police said that Kelli Pratt, 45, attacked her 65-year-old husband Arthur on October 7, holding him down and biting him some 20 times after a dispute over sex. “Most of the bites were confined to his arm and his abdomen and a few were very deep with major tissue damage,” the police said. Arthur Pratt died on Sunday at a local hospital.

Mobile mate

Milan (Reuters): A guest at a hotel in Milan had reason to be grateful for having his mobile phone in the bathroom after ending up with his hand stuck down the toilet for more than an hour on Thursday. The unnamed 65-year-old slipped as he stepped out of the shower and accidentally jammed his hand down the funnel of the toilet as he tried to break his fall, rescue workers said. Still naked, he was saved by firemen more than an hour later after calling an emergency number from his phone.

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