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Anil tells cadre: Work first, party later

Calcutta, Oct. 17: After Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, state CPM secretary Anil Biswas today came down on government employees and others employed indirectly by the state for “tendencies to shirk responsibility in the name of the party”.

Biswas’ censure for “neglecting duties” is the first by a state CPM secretary of partymen working in the government.

“Party members employed in government firms will have to be more responsible. They have to attend to their duties first and not shirk responsibility in the name of attending party meetings,” Biswas, also a CPM politburo member, said.

Addressing a programme to mark the 83rd anniversary of the Communist Party in the country, Biswas said: “We have two categories of party workers. There are whole timers and party members in different professions. A section of these second category party members have a tendency to shirk duties. They often leave their offices in the name of meetings and activities of the party. But we want them to work for their establishments first and then for the party.”

Though Biswas did not specifically mention government employees or teachers in state-run schools, it was apparent that they were the targets. “We have our party whole-timers. They always work for the party and are not paid by the government. But professionals who are our members would have to think about their establishments, too,” he said.

“People of Bengal have expressed their confidence in our government. They often criticise our government and party leaders. They are closely observing us and are aggrieved on seeing the attitude of some of our party members and leaders. Still, they believe only this government can protect their interests. This is to our great advantage and we have to influence our government to work sincerely for them. Our government will have to fulfil their expectations,” Biswas said.

The CPM’s state unit chief cautioned party members who believed leadership meant power. “Some of our party members believe that leadership means power. But we want to tell them in clear terms that leadership does not mean power, it means responsibility. Our leaders would have to be more responsible in exercising their powers,” Biswas said.

He urged party leaders to avoid taking independent decisions on important issues. “No individual can take any decision. The decision must be collective and each of our party members will have to be cautious about their responsibilities and duties.”

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