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Sankat (Crisis) is a contemporary play dealing with college-going youths who are suddenly exposed to a different world altogether: the campus. What is the existing situation in colleges' Is it conducive to a healthy atmosphere where students yearning for education get the right exposure and guidance from their dedicated band of teachers' Unfortunately, the question draws a blank answer from the student community. The play depicts how the campus atmosphere is vitiated by political disturbances originating due to functioning of politically appointed head of institutions (principals) who simply toe the party line, student unions which are an extension of the political tentacles and goons who lord over colleges like their personal fiefdoms using the campus to convert more disciples into the Devil's fold and extracting their "pound of flesh" from unwilling students. The problem is further compounded by a corrupt to the core police force which seldom comes to the aid of a crying soul seeking help. The play touches a common chord with many college-goers who can identify with the problems depicted. Directed by Manish Mitra, this is an Argha production.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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