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Fax carries Osama sign and strike spectre
The world’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden, today reportedly praised the perpetrators of last week’s anti-western attacks in Kuwait and Yemen and warned the US and Israel in a statement of more carnage to come. ...  | Read.. 
The Soviet submarine officer who averted a nuclear war
Only the caution of a Soviet naval officer saved the world from a nuclear fight to the death during the Cuban missile crisis, an unprecedented meeting hosted by Fidel Castro ...  | Read.. 
UK women adopt Pfeiffer’s mom model
British career women are increasingly willing to copy American celebrities such as Calista Flockhart and Michelle Pfeiffer and ...  | Read.. 
Pasta police raid Italian restaurants
Italy’s government is to send inspectors to Italian restaurants around Europe to determine whether they are really as Italian as they claim. ...  | Read.. 
Angelina Jolie, a UNHCR goodwill ambassador, speaks to the press in Nairobi on Thursday after she visited the Kakuma refugee camp, northwest Kenya, cu ...  | Read
Slow Sharon
Crazy conker
Canine cut
London museum awash with Versace
London's Victoria & Albert Museum was awash with satin, silk and sequins today as it playe..  | Read.. 
Hawks target US troops
Hardline Islamic parties which have emerged as potential coalition partners after a general electio..  | Read.. 
Football clubs count cost
Scores of thirsty sportsmen from dozens of football teams w ...  | Read.. 

Brothers cheat death
Two brothers on holiday in Bali have told how they chea ...  | Read.. 

Di butler denies charges
Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell, the man she once call ...  | Read.. 

UK grabs Ireland govt reins
Britain seized back the reins of government in Northern Ire ...  | Read.. 

Iraq vote today on Saddam new term
Iraq urged voters today to give a resounding “Yes” for a ne ...  | Read..