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Star Spot

Hello' Where this week’s star'

Not to fear… These are stars of a symbolic kind… The things that, Saptami through Dashami, (though some of you may deny some of this stuff), have lit up the lives of young people around the city.

What’s with the sticks'

Only if you roam the streets with your eyes covered could you not know what these sticks mean. They are the passports to nights of endless fun, with no eyebrows raised and no questions asked. Just don the lehengas and kurta-pyjama, grab your garba sticks and hit the dandiya floor. For those who prefer funk to the ethnic sound, these are four days where its not hard pulling off an all-nighter. So the hordes pass up the disco dandiya for the real thing.

The bottle must be out of place!

For some, definitely, but there are enough guys and gals nowadays who hit the bottle (if only occasionally) to make this a part of festive life. The beer mug is here to stay. Call it what you will, but teenage haunts see a bit (at least) of the bottle for most. And there is at least one restaurant in town (and a government-run one at that), which proudly proclaims that liquor will not be served to those under 16! So watch out before pointing fingers…

So the Devi’s out'

Don’t be quick to judge… Balance is what makes for the most fun, anyway. They won’t be left out of the pandal fun either. Specially with all the weird and wacky stuff that rules today. Who wants to skip the molten LPs' Be the only one who hasn’t seen the sugarcane structure' Miss the mela at Maddox Square' After all, there are new clothes to show off, pretty young things to impress and lots of adda sessions to be had.

So much to do… so little time!

That ain’t the half of it… There were films to watch. Though this Puja had a pretty pathetic spread, with the rather cold The Bourne Identity and the unexciting Unfaithful, though Road was worth hitting. Communal meals are the flavour of the festive season, with Park Street still leading the menu. And no one would risk life and limb by refusing to do the Biyoya rounds with the relatives.

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