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Father power

London, Oct. 9 (Reuters): Men wanting to be fathers are increasing their chances of success by subconsciously raising their levels of testosterone.

Scientists in Portugal found that men trying for babies produced more testosterone when it is needed. “All the men had different patterns of testosterone peaks and troughs over the period. But in men trying for a baby, peaks in testosterone coincided far more often with periods of intense sexual activity,” New Scientist magazine said.

Star price

London (Reuters): Wannabe rock stars thrashing away on their electric guitars often drive their neighbours to distraction — but they could be doing themselves an injury, say British researchers. A study undertaken at the University of Surrey found that young and inexperienced electric guitar players could develop musculoskeletal problems because of their poor posture and excessive grip on the strings.

Fat in US

Chicago (Reuters): Americans are still getting fatter. About 59 million people — one in every three US adults — are now obese and the number of overweight children has tripled in the last two decades, according to studies published yesterday.

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