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High tracks to dusty death

SHAMIM ANWAR KHAN, CPM councillor of ward no. 43, met readers of The Telegraph at 40, Ratu Sarkar Lane. Participants included Harbhajan Singh, Haji Mohammad Mohsin, Ayesha Khan, Mohammad E. Karim, Salman, Abdul Wadood, Dinesh Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar Singh, Tabish Khan, Ali Imam, Mohammad Isatullah Khan, Anil Sharma, Badal Khan, Mohammad I. Khan and Imran Sohail Khan

Harbhajan Singh: Mahatma Gandhi Road has turned into an accident-prone zone.

Mahatma Gandhi Road is in bad shape. The Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC) raised the tracks from Central Avenue to Mechhua. But the Mechhua approach itself is in a pretty sorry condition. Work has started to improve the stretch but it will take time.

Harbhajan Singh: Conservancy services are very irregular.

There is a vat on Ram Lochan Mullick Street and it is supposed to be cleaned by 11 am. But due to non-availability of a pay-loader and trucks, work cannot proceed systematically.

Haji Mohammad Mohsin: On Rabindra Sarani over the past four years, more than half a dozen people have lost their lives in accidents, and all the accidents occured because of the tram tracks.

The tram tracks need to be relaid. I shall talk to the CTC authorities to sort out the problem.

Haji Mohammad Mohsin: The drainage system needs to be improved immediately. Moreover, we are plagued by mosquitoes.

We are trying to sort out the drainage problem before Id.

About mosquitoes, it must be mentioned that we are not getting vector control items regularly. We have only one swing fog machine. It was not functioning properly, so we had it repaired. However, our ward has a dispensary for treating malaria and it is functioning properly.

Ayesha Khan: I run a school on Balai Dutta Street. There is a tap in front of the school which is becoming a nuisance. Can it be removed'

That water tap has been there for a long time. I will have it removed.

Ayesha Khan: What are your plans for the plot in Harinbari'

We plan to build a community hall on that plot, with a vocational training centre and a health centre. But work cannot begin because of a funds crunch.

Md. E.Karim: In Harinbari Lane, the water pressure is low.

The water supply problem will be resolved as soon as pipes are laid from the Mohammad Ali Park reservoir.

Abdul Wadood: Colootola Lane needs immediate repairs.

The lane could not be repaired because of the strike by contractors.

Dinesh Kumar Singh: On Mahatma Gandhi Road, water takes a long time to drain out.

There are some pockets where water accumulates because of old brick sewers. Earlier, these were cleared regularly. Now, they are not.

Manoj Kumar Singh: On Tara Chand Dutta Street, the meat shops do not have glass panes.

I shall talk to the borough health officer to direct the meat-sellers to use glass panes.

Tabish Khan: In Sreenath Babu Lane, lights are rarely replaced.

Replacement is delayed by the non-availability of items.

Ali Imam: We need a maternity home in the ward.

Let the funds arrive.

Md. I. Khan: Roadside hotels on Zakaria Street are a nuisance.

It is a real problem. I will talk to the proper authorities so that the hotels can be brought to book.

Anil Sharma: Lorries clog Kalachand Dutta Street.

I shall talk to the deputy commissioner of police (traffic).

Badal Khan: The tubewells in our area are defunct.

Half a dozen tubewells were sunk in my ward but cannot be maintained for want of funds.

Md. I. Khan: Stray dogs are turning into a menace at night.

The CMC has only one dog-catcher van for all 141 wards.

Imran Sohail Khan: We have no park in the area.

Where is the space' I have requested the mayoral council member in charge of parks and squares to beautify the road kerbs and he has agreed.

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