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Jaya hitches wagon to stars

Kochi, Oct. 2: Changes in the way their names are spelt, the food distribution programme in schools, the foray into national affairs by raising Sonia Gandhi’s nationality and, finally, the offer in the Supreme Court to surrender the controversial plot of land belonging to the Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation Limited without any monetary considerations.

All these actions of Jayalalithaa and her confidante Sassikala have one common thread: the dictates of the chief minister’s favourite astrologer Parappanaganadi Unnikrishnan and numerologist Panammal Sanjeevan Nehru. And every step has been taken, say sources, close to the astrologer and the numerologist, with the purpose of boosting Jayalalithaa’s chances in national politics.

According to astrological calculations, as per the south Indian calendar, Jayalalithaa, who was born on February 24, 1948, is passing through the “Budha apahaara” in the Rahu Dasa since August. This marks the beginning of a prolonged “good phase” in her life, which is expected to catapult her to “big things” at the “national level” and even to “historical greatness”.

Jayalalithaa belongs to the Mithuna Lagna and Budha is its reigning deity. The beginning of the Budha apahaara is considered to be a turning point after the relatively bad phase of Shani apahaara, which lasted for two years and 10 months.

The Budha apahaara, which will continue for another two years and four months, is to be followed by Kethu apahaara for one year and 18 days and thereafter by Shukra apahaara, which will last for three years.

The next six years is considered to have a significant impact on Jayalalithaa’s political career. “Not only will she remain firmly in the saddle but she will start extending her sphere of influence constantly,” said Parappanaganadi Unnikrishnan.

However, these calculations also stipulate that she needs to strengthen her qualities of charity if she wants to achieve “historical greatness”. The food distribution programme that is expected to benefit over 5 lakh schoolchildren in Tamil Nadu and the offer to surrender Tansi land without seeking the return of the money paid to purchase the property are apparently related to this aspect of the astrological charts.

Jayalalithaa and Sassikala made the Tansi land offer through separate affidavits in the Supreme Court. In the affidavits, moved through advocates K.K. Venugopal and N. Jothi, counsels of Jayalalithaa and Sassikala respectively, they also offered to surrender another piece of land belonging to Tansi enamel wires.

The change in the spelling of names was motivated by the calculations of Hyderabad-based numerologist, P.S. Nehru. According to Nehru, the time is apt for making changes in names of the chief minister and her confidante. Interim Tamil Nadu chief minister Panneerselvam who stood in for Jayalalithaa when she was ousted, introduced Nehru to her. Paneerselvam’s luck, albeit temporary, was triggered by the change that Nehru made in his name. He was earlier named Pichi Muthu.

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