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Cake crash

Sydney, Oct. 1 (Reuters): A cake showing a plane crashing into New York’s World Trade Center has been pulled from a show in Western Australia after parents complained their children could be upset.

The 30 cm tall fruit cake depicting the Twin Towers and a plane made from spaghetti covered in icing caused considerable controversy at the Perth Royal Show. Show organisers first tried to stiffle the furore by turning the cake around to hide the aircraft, but complaints continued to flow in from parents who feared their children would be traumatised September 11 memories.

The news agency said the cake was baked by a former academic identified only as John.

The man said he had entered the cake in the show to stimulate debate about a possible US-led war against Iraq just over a year after hijacked passenger jets were flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington, killing about 3,000 people.

Death drive

Rome (Reuters): Rome’s Colosseum, once the site of bloody battles between gladiators and wild beasts, will be bathed in golden light on Tuesday night to celebrate the Philippines’ decision to suspend death row executions. The Philippines government announced on Monday it had suspended all executions while Congress debates a proposed law abolishing the death penalty. Since an anti-capital punishment campaign began in 2000, The Colosseum has been lit with bright, gold lights for two days every time, anywhere in the world, a death penalty is suspended or commuted or a nation abolishes capital punishment.

Bold bungee

Vancouver (Reuters): A man was charged with criminal mischief on Monday after he attempted, unsuccessfully, to bungee jump from a Vancouver bridge to the deck of a passing cruise ship. William Dean Sullivan miscalculated the ship’s speed and suffered minor head injuries on Sunday when he bounced off its tennis court, volleyball net and a deck railing, before being left dangling in mid-air as the ship sailed away. Police said Sullivan has planned to bungee jump from the Lions Gate Bridge, which spans the entrance to Vancouver harbour, stopping just above the passing ship so he could then lower himself a short distance to the deck.

Safe Swede

Stockholm (Reuters): A Swedish woman suspected of tax fraud has been found not guilty by a district court after it proved impossible to produce evidence against her. The woman told the court that rats in her attic had eaten up the cashier records she stashed there after her restaurant, which was under investigation for tax fraud, went bankrupt.

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