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Pak laws need House consent
Pakistan’s Supreme Court said today that all new laws and rules promulgated by Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s government would not be valid without the approval of parliament to be elected on October 10. ...  | Read.. 
Men more hot-headed than women
Brain scientists have found evidence supporting the idea that men are more hot-headed then women. ...  | Read.. 
India counted among AIDS flashpoints
Rates of infection from the AIDS virus in five of the world’s most populous countries are rising so fast that they pose potential security threats to their regions and to the ...  | Read.. 
Male minority in Britain
Women outnumber men at all ages over 21, according to the first results from last year’s census published yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Sheryl Crowe at the premiere of Melissa Etheridge Live... and Alone The Movie at the Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles. (Reuters)
Cake crash
Death drive
Bold bungee
Safe Swede
US trying to destroy what it has sown in Iraq
Iraq’s bioweapons programme that President George W. Bush wants to eradicate got its start with hel..  | Read.. 
Israel keeps sharp vigil for militants
Israeli army sharpshooters took up positions overlooking Yasser Arafat's compound today amid r..  | Read.. 
Americans fed up with youth-oriented films
Many Americans appear to be fed up with Hollywood'sobse ...  | Read.. 

Senior Tories critical of Currie
Senior Tories turned on Edwina Currie yesterday as she ...  | Read..