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Rate of inflation shoots past 4 per cent

New Delhi, Sept. 29 (PTI): Costlier manufactured goods offset the impact of cheaper primary items to send the rate of inflation to 4.03 per cent, the first time it shot above the 4 per cent-mark this year.

Annual rate of inflation for the previous week stood at 3.77 per cent and 4.60 per cent a year ago.

Wholesale price index (WPI) for the week stood unchanged at 167.8. However, WPI for the week ended July 20 stood revised at 165.7 against a provisional figure of 165.5, while the inflation rate stood at 2.86, compared with the provisional 2.73.

Index for primary articles declined by 0.1 per cent to 177.4 from 177.5 for the previous week and 168.3 a year ago due to a fall in prices of jowar (4 per cent), eggs (3 per cent) and maize, gram and masur (1 per cent each).

The index for food articles remained unchanged at 183.8 but moved up from last year’s level of 174.4. Prices of condiments and spices rose (2 per cent), bajra and ragi (1 per cent each).

The non-food articles index declined by 0.3 per cent to 165.8 from 166.3 last week due to lower prices of castor seed (6 per cent), raw silk and linseed (3 per cent), raw cotton (2 per cent) and raw jute, cotton seed and kardi seed (1 per cent each). However, prices of copra, gingelly seed and sunflower moved up 1 per cent.

Index for minerals group rose by 0.1 per cent to 120 from 119.9 for the previous week owing to higher prices of barytes (23 per cent), vermiculite (10 per cent) and fire clay (9 per cent). However prices of magnesite fell (8 per cent) and silica sand (1 per cent).

Index for fuel, power, light and lubricants remained unchanged at the previous week’s level of 238.8 and stood at 226.5 a year ago. Index for manufactured goods rose by 0.1 per cent to 148.7, from 148.6 during the previous week and 144.3 a year ago.

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