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Arafat refuses to yield to Israel demolition
Yasser Arafat vowed not to capitulate to Israel today after its forces demolished parts of the building where he was under siege and turned most of his sprawling presidential compound into rubble. ...  | Read.. 
100 killed as glacier slides down Russia mountain
A huge glacier slid down a mountain side in southern Russia, tearing 20 km through rural communities and leaving possibly as many as 100 people dead, emergency officials said ...  | Read.. 
We are prepared: Franks
The top US officer in the region said today his troops were prepared for action against Iraq if President George W. Bush decided to go to war. ...  | Read.. 
Hitler row dominates Germany on poll-eve
A row sparked when a German minister allegedly compared the US President’s methods to Adolf Hitler’s overshadowed the final day before tomorrow’s election in Germany that pro ...  | Read.. 
more than a woman: Britney Spears (centre) watches, with unidentified companions, the Matthew Williamson 2002 spring fashion collection in New York on ...  | Read
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Super shark
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Iraq to stand by Annan pact
Iraq said today it would not accept any new UN Security Council resolution that runs contrary to an..  | Read.. 
Painkillers need more warnings
Aspirin, ibuprofen and some other over-the-counter painkillers should come with stronger warnings a..  | Read.. 
Pak nabs 5 bombing suspects
Police in Karachi said today they had arrested five more mi ...  | Read..