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Scary solar eclipse at noon

Darkness in the afternoon; downpour till evening. As an ominous cloud cover precipitated into a cloudburst, Calcutta was crippled. This is what some citizens, from various walks of life, were doing when the skies opened up on Friday.

We were all stunned to see midnight descend at noon. The teachers felt the last time they had seen such a dark day was the eclipse a few years ago. Most of the students were indoors at the time. Things got a bit uneasy when the lights went out for 10 minutes, but apart from that, things were under control.

Father Mathew

Principal, St Xavier's College

Rains are fun if you are indoors, for adda with telebhaja, not when you have work to do. My outdoor shoot was cancelled, but I had to leave home for some urgent work and, driving down Bhowanipore, the waterlogging and the traffic were bugging. There were no cops in sight.

Pallavi Chatterjee


Today, I returned from Guwahati in the afternoon and it took me more than two hours to make the journey from the airport to Tollygunge. It was like a solar eclipse, with all vehicles moving with headlights on at 2 pm! In 1977, when I came back from Guwahati after playing the Bordoloi Trophy, it was raining almost as hard as today. In ’78, when we returned from Srinagar after playing the nationals, the city was flooded… I had the same scary feeling today.

Shyam Thapa


Never have I seen such darkness at 2.30 in the afternoon. I saw the sky turn black. Priya (Priya Ranjan Das Munshi) was lucky that he could finish his speech and escape the torrential rain. We told Barkatda (A.B.A. Ghani Khan Chowdhury) to go back home. When Pranabda (Mukherjee) was addressing the rally, the downpour was so heavy the public address system collapsed

Somen Mitra

who was at a Congress rally on Rani Rashmoni Avenue

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