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Dalit call for Modi trial

New Delhi, Sept. 19: The All-India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations today demanded that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi be tried under international law for abetting the killing of scores of innocent persons from the minority community and spreading disaffection among communities.

The chairman of the confederation, Udit Raj, strongly objected to Modi’s “deliberate” and “persistent” remarks against the Muslim community. The European Union, the National Human Rights Commission and the National Commission for Minorities, as well as intellectuals, had held the “Modi government responsible for the ghastly, barbaric and inhuman acts and that Modi must be tried under international law”, he added.

Raj said the Gaurav Yatra should be stopped immediately as the chief minister was using it for sinister purposes.

He said the Save India Front, which includes the confederation and Jamiat-Ulema-Hind, had in its meeting on Sunday adopted a resolution demanding an immediate ban on the RSS, the VHP and the Bajrang Dal. “It is an RSS outfit which killed Gandhiji, destroyed the Babri mosque and is hatching a conspiracy against Dalits, Christians, Muslims, journalists, educationists and all those who believe in reason and justice.

“Several commissions of inquiry have indicted the RSS for sparking communal riots and spreading hatred. They are openly distributing spears, knives and other weapons. They are the source of terrorism and hence should be banned,” elaborated the resolution.

Taking note of the Supreme Court ruling on the NCERT syllabus, the meeting said all public schools run by minority organisations should be allowed to adopt their own syllabus and made part of public examinations instead of “Hindutva syllabus”.

The Dalit leader castigated Mayavati for not issuing a fresh notification to chargesheet L.K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and others in the Babri Masjid demolition case.

Raj said the BSP has betrayed the Muslim and Dalit cause. The party has dumped Ambedkar’s ideology and instead embraced, for the sake of power, the very “Manuwadis” whom she used to despise. Raj said his confederation will organise “Dalit sabhas” at the village and district levels to expose her collusion with Manuwadi and Hindutva leaders.

The Dalits have been discriminated for about 3,000 years. If they have to be brought into the mainstream, reservation in private sector, higher judiciary and Army is to be extended to them.

Raj said the “Hindutva propaganda” has tried to make people believe that Muslims are pampered at the cost of Hindus, but the facts indicate otherwise. At the time of Independence, Muslim participation in administration was about 30 per cent, but this has now come down to less than 2 per cent, he elaborated.

According to the census, the Muslim population in the country is 12 per cent but their participation in Parliament, Assemblies, panchayats, army, police and education is about 1 per cent, Raj pointed out. “Muslim participation should be according to the population ratio,” said the Dalit chief.

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