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Saudi U-turn forced Iraq to change tactics
Saudi Arabiaís willingness to back UN-sanctioned military action against Iraq forced President Saddam Husseinís hand into allowing the unconditional return of UN weapons inspectors, analysts said today. ...  | Read.. 
Musharraf vows to pursue extremists
President Pervez Musharraf vowed today to continue pursuing Islamic extremists sheltering in Pakistan, claiming a major victory with the arrest of a top suspect in the Septem ...  | Read.. 
Groundwork for Lanka talks laid
The Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebels held six hours of talks today aimed at laying the groundwork to end 19 years of fighting that has sucked the economic life ou ...  | Read.. 
Gay issue threatens church split
The worldwide Anglican church is in danger of splitting over how it handles homosexuality in the church, Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey has said. ...  | Read.. 
turn on the lights: Nelly Furtado (left) and Colombian singer Juanes perform a duet during rehearsals at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, for the Latin ...  | Read
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Dame step
Skippy hop
Sour Joose
US moving hardware to Gulf
The US navy is seeking to ship military vehicles and hundreds of containers full of ammunition from..  | Read.. 
Americans favour closer Cuba ties
By a large margin, Americans favour closer ties with Cuba, the target of long-standing US trade san..  | Read.. 
Oil majors set to buy crude from Baghdad
International oil majors are set to buy crude direct from I ...  | Read..