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US whisks Ramzi away to secret location
The United States has taken custody of captured key al Qaida suspect Ramzi Binalshibh from Pakistan and flown him and other suspected terrorists to a secret location outside that country, US officials said today. ...  | Read.. 
Saudis for UN, not US, action
Unexpected support from Saudi Arabia for a UN-sanctioned attack against Iraq tightened the screws on Baghdad today to comply with UN resolutions on weapons inspections and ga ...  | Read.. 
Lanka talks begin with focus on historic rift
Sri Lanka’s government and Tamil Tiger rebels began talks on a positive note today to end one of the world’s longest-running wars, although remarks at an opening ceremony hig ...  | Read.. 
His suggestion to immigrants to abandon their mother tongue at home and speak English with children has put the Britishhome secretary David Blunkett in a tight spot with seve ...  | Read.. 
Imran Khan with his wife Jemima during an election campaign in Islamabad on Monday. (Reuters)
Virgin tops
Wife woes
Old as gold
Robot to unlock pyramid secret
Archaeologists will tomorrow send a robot through a narrow shaft to the heart of Egypt’s biggest py..  | Read.. 
Jinxed Latin Grammys return with new stars
The Latin Grammys, cancelled last year because of the September 11 attacks, return this week as the..  | Read.. 
Diet and death of Otzi the Ice Man
“Otzi”, the 5,000-year-old man found frozen in the Tyrolean ...  | Read.. 

Strike makes Nepal bleed
One woman was killed and two people wounded when Maoist reb ...  | Read..