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Brave Venture shines

Calcutta: Brave Venture impressed when horses worked on Sunday:

Outer sand track

800m: Earl Grey (Rutherford) in 57s; (400m) 27s. Easy. Mack The Knife (Rutherford) in 58s; (400m) 27s. Brave Venture (Salam) and Simply Monarch (Amil) in 55s; (400m) 27s. Former moved better. River Melody (Asghar) and Royal City (A. P. Singh) in 56s; (400m) 28s. Former 2 ls better. Star Selection (A. P. Singh) and Smart Ruler (Asghar) in 1-1s; (400m) 28s. Level.

600m: Glass Slipper (Rb) in 46s; (400m) 29s. Red Cordon (Yadav) in 42s; (400m) 26s. Easy.

On Saturday, outer sand track

1,400m: Yukon (Dalpat) in 1-50s; (400m) 30s. Suriyothai (Upadhya) in 1-56s; (400m) 32s. 800m: As A Rule (Saran) in 1-1s; (400m) 31s. Grand Lodge (Mano-har) in 1-1s; (400m) 30s. Easy. Archery (Shan-ker) in 58s; (400m) 29s. Impressive Prince (Salam) and Alborada (Rb) in 1-0s; (400m) 30s. Level. Star Selection (Upadhya) and Bay Dragon (R. Ahmed) in 1-0s; (400m) 29s. Level. Cupola (Surjeet) in 57s; (400m) 28s. Good. River Melody (Asghar) and Discomatic (Rb) in 58s; (400m) 30s. Level. Royal Command (Amil) and Grecian Prince (Yacoob) in 58s; (400m) 29s. Former 2ls better. Actuate (Rb) in 1-1s; (400m) 30s. Fit. New Fortune (A. P. Singh) and Schumacher (Amil) in 1-1s; (400m) 28s. Level.

600m: Altigraph (Shanker) in 48s; (400m) 30s. 400m: Primaticcio (Asghar) and Moon Quest (Yadav) in 29s. They were level.

Monsoon track

1,400m: Calamint (C. Alford) and Acklins (Rb) in 1-34s; (400m) 25s. Former far better. Actable (C. Alford) in 1-47s; (400m) 27s.

1,200m: Allodium (Rabani) and Aberdan (Islam) in 1-21s; (400m) 28s. Former far better. Positive Thinker (Surjeet) in 1-27s; (400m) 26s. Good. Romantic Notes (Rb), Sea Royale (Shanker) and Amaryllis (C. Alford) in 1-23s; (400m) 25s. First two finished 3 ls clear of last named.

800m: Arrayal (C. Alford) and Adducer (Rabani) in 52s; (400m) 25s. Former 6 ls better. Among Men (Gowli) and No Regrets (Manohar) in 54s; (400m) 26s. Former 3 ls better. Calabash (Shanker) in 54s; (400m) 25s. Easy. Cup Of Life (C. Alford) in 54s; (400m) 25s. Handy. Rare Gold (C. Alford) in 55s; (400m) 25s. Fit. Aldridge (C. Alford) and Arezzo (Shanker) in 54s; (400m) 26s. Former far better. Knoxville (Manohar) in 53s; (400m) 25s. Fit. Artisia (C. Alford) and Calisto (Shanker) in 57s; (400m) 29s. Level. Black Mane (A. P. Singh) in 53s; (400m) 25s. Fit..Annotate (Maseyk) in 56s; (400m) 27s. Easy. Endless Surprise (Rabani) in 56s; (400m) 28s. Easy. 600m: Auctioneer (K. Kumar) in 38s; (400m) 24. Good. Sariano (Manohar) in 40s; (400m) 25s. Easy. Flying Scot (Surjeet) in 42s; (400m) 27s. Approval (K. Kumar) in 47s; (400m) 29s.

Sand track

800m: Comedy Of Errors (Tamang) in 55s; (400m) 26s. Flying Power (A. P. Singh) in 53s; (400m) 25s. Urged. Star Music (Rb) in 58s; (400m) 28s. Dancing Rhythm (Shanker) in 56s; (400m) 26s. Easy. Sky Command (K. Kumar) in 53s; (400m) 28s. Scenic Song (Amil) in 56s; (400m) 27s. Peppy Mistress (Rb) in 56s; (400m) 27s. Fit. Flossy (Gowli) and Winning Hand (Rb) in 56s; (400m) 29s. Former a length better. Don Vittorio (Shanker) in 59s; (400m) 28s.

600m: Kyalami (Haroon) and Lawyer’s Love (Tamang) in 44s; (400m) 28s. Former 3 ls better. Gallant Romeo (Yacoob) and Lively Project (R. Ahmed) in 42s; (400m) 27s. Level. Starina (Tamang) in 40s; (400m) 25s. Handy. 400m: Arian (Tamang) and Darth Vader (Haroon) in 27s. Level. Midnight Escape (C. Alford) in 30s.

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