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Stern steps to check errant driving

Sadhan Dutta: I am a resident of Geetanjali Park, in Kalikapur. By profession, I am a physician. I have seen auto-rickshaws and taxis flout traffic rules with impunity. Is there any way to rein in these unruly drivers'

It is tragic that in this country, a driver does not need to be educated to get a licence. Auto and taxi drivers hardly follow any rules. In addition, we are short of hands. So, we have decided to engage NCC cadets to control traffic. Of course, I feel a smooth flow of traffic can be achieved if people become conscious and drive their cars with patience, which will save their time and lives too.

You will be glad to know that already, we have taken some traffic-control measures in Garia, for which we had to face some resistance from the auto drivers. However, we plan to take stern steps in the Jadavpur, Bagha Jatin and Bansdroni areas.

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