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‘Melanie Griffith hugged me and told me I was wonderful and that I would go far’
Radhika Bose, 11

Hospitals to share cot count
Rocked by the ruckus over the baby-death count at B.C. Roy Memorial Hospital for Children and Calcutta Medical College and Hospital, the government is busy devising a strategy to lower the critical-case count in these two state-run healthcare centres...  | Read.. 
MosBuster traps 2 flies, 7 mosquitoes
Imported at a high cost, MosBuster, the mosquito destroyer deployed experimentally by the civic health department in north Ca...  | Read.. 
Melanie’s darling and the magic of her music
Ricky Martin, Sting, Melanie Griffith… and Radhika Bose. The 11-year-old’s voice has taken her from the school auditorium to ...  | Read.. 
Police sound alert on fake notes in New Market
Puja shoppers flocking to New Market, beware. Take a closer look at the currency notes being handed over as ‘change’ — it cou...  | Read.. 
Take in a play with Sunday lunch
Five stage veterans come together to give English theatre a professional script

Act II. Scene I… Sunday luncheon theatre at Trincas. Workshops for budding stage artistes and backstage crew in school and co ...  | Read.. 
They both have acting in their blood and now, they are being touted as the ‘fresh blood’ that the industry so desperately seeks. Jishu, son of late ac ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, September 16, 2002
Roads to avoid
Panel discussion
...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
David Copperfield, magician. You are sensitive and an introvert. Mix with people to avoid ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Stern steps to check errant driving
Arrear adjustment in Salt Lake
The long-standing dispute between Bidhannagar Municipality and the West Ben...  | Read.. 

Charges fly over CPM leader murder
Unidentified assailants shot local CPM functionary Asoke Mondal, alias Ranj...  | Read.. 

Bearing down on reality with brush and camera
The pursuit of art brought the artist couple Rajeev Lochan and Yuriko Locha...  | Read.. 

Out-of-theatre cure for aorta
Eight-year-old Rajiv was no different from other kids, except that he got t...  | Read.. 

Rain spoils pre-Puja sales
Heavy afternoon showers and waterlogged streets played spoilsport for Puja ...  | Read.. 

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Fake Bangladeshi swindles shopowner
Serial raids to recover booty
Power-tappers held
Riverfront drive
Thumbs Up
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It’s hard to locate the life-saver
Waterbody woe