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Miami terror plan foiled

Miami, Sept. 13 (Reuters): Police in Florida detained three men and detonated a backpack found in their car today after a woman in a Georgia restaurant overheard three men discussing details of what was considered a possible terrorist threat.

The Florida Highway Patrol closed off Alligator Alley, the main east-west highway across the Everglades in south Florida, after stopping two vehicles in connection with what authorities called a “potential domestic security concern.”

Live TV showed a bomb squad team blow up a backpack taken from one car.

US law enforcement authorities have been on a heightened state of alert since Tuesday, when they announced they had identified a high risk of terrorist attack on the anniversary of the September 11 hijacked aircraft assaults on the US, in which more than 3,000 people were killed.

Florida police sources said the cars were stopped after Georgia police were tipped by a woman who said she overheard three men in a Georgia restaurant talking about explosives.

One, she told police, said Americans had mourned on 9/11 and would mourn again on 9/13.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation asked other police agencies to watch out for two vehicles driven by the three.

The woman gave a detailed description of the vehicles, including license-plate details, according to a police source.

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