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"...Waiting with bated breath from Monday to Friday/ Waiting for release on Saturday when suddenly the world comes alive.../Wave upon wave of men pressing relentlessly forward/ The lashing tide of a week of suspense.../ Twenty-two gladiators, kingly in resplendence, washed in sunlight/ Lapped by adoration of multitudes." This is a dream world, the world of football. Thousands of youths step out of educational institutions with dreams in their eyes and determination to succeed. For many, it is smooth sailing all the way, but for others, it is a rough and tumble world. Their dreams end prematurely and their world turns topsy-turvy when they confront harsh realities. Hari Purakayastha is one such youth who is mesmerised by the game of football. An orphan who has been brought up by his poor aunt, Hari has lived amid squalor and utter poverty all his life. The only light in his life is a game of football. But due to circumstances, he is forced to part with this dream too. His sister and her husband, Vinod, advise Hari to forget football and take up an apprenticeship in a factory. On the other hand, the lure of a football fanatic muscleman to join his brigade is too strong. Hari's dilemma ends when he decides to forsake his dream and take up the job. The job takes its toll on Hari's body and spirit. Darkness engulfs him gradually and the vast green stretches remain a distant dream in his memory. This Nandikar production is directed by Rudraprasad Sengupta.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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