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Shyam Telecom offers surf-as-you-talk service

New Delhi, Sept. 9: Private telecom operator Shyam Telecom has taken the lead in implementing the CoreDect technology which enables simultaneous use of the telephone and the internet over a wireless network, prompting public sector Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd to follow suit with a nation-wide launch.

Shyam Telecom, the fixed line and mobile service operator in Rajasthan, has implemented the CoreDect technology as part of its fixed line network. It already has more than 12,000 subscribers for this technology and aims to achieve 1.6 lakh subscribers by the end of next year.

This technology offers an internet speed of 70 mega bytes per second (mbps). When a telephone call is made on the same line, the connection to the Net does not get disturbed but the Net speed goes down by half. It comes back to the normal speed of 70 mbps once the voice connection is disconnected.

“We are aware of this technology and it will be used all over the country. However various issues need to be examined before we launch new services, such as the cost of the project, viability and how it can benefit a larger number of consumers,” a senior communications ministry official said.

The CoreDect technology works in the 1800 megahertz to 1900 megahertz spectrum. Pilot projects of BSNL using the CoreDect technology are in the final stages in Kuppam district of Andhra Pradesh and Karpuram in Karnataka. It is also being used by N-Log, a private internet service operator in Mellur in Tamil Nadu. This technology can offer access speeds that go beyond those promised by both ISDN (integrated services digital network) and cable modems.

“We have tried both, surfing the internet and telephone using CoreDect technology. The ISP operator in Madurai has connected 70 villages through it. A speed of a minimum of 35 kilobits per second to a maximum of 70 kbps can be offered. We are also in advanced stages of formalising a speed that can offer 384 kbps,” Shirish Purohit, director of Midas Communications of Chennai, said.

Shyam Telelink is also planning to expand its CoreDect service to offer village public telephones (VPTs). The company is yet to meet its VPT targets as per the licence conditions. “We are using the latest technology to meet our VPT targets. The revenues are bound to be low compared with heavy traffic areas of the state, but the CoreDect technology will bring down the investment and maintenance cost,” a senior company executive said.

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