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Eateries clog sewers, choke traffic

Dhrubajyoti Chowdhury: I live on Rashbehari Avenue. Rainwater accumulates on the main road and in the lanes, specially on Nundy Street, Dover Lane and its adjacent areas.

The area is beset with problems. First, there are some small eateries in Dover Lane that are more than three decades old. I have made several attempts to evict them but they come back again, because they are backed by the local police. These eatery-owners dump their refuse and leftovers in the drains, which clog the entire system. Moreover, these eateries create a serious traffic problem. We have made appeals to the Calcutta Municipal Corporation and the local MLA also participated in a demonstration we held there, but nothing came out of it.

Second, when a private construction company was working on the flyover, it damaged the sewerage system. We have informed them of the damage. They told us they would carry out repairs next year, as tthey are short of funds.

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