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Sky Command shines

Calcutta: Sky Command and Inside Story were impressive from among the following horses seen exercising on Wednesday morning:

Outer sand track

1,400m: Actable (Domingo) and Romantic Notes (C. Alford) in 2-2s; (600m) 51s; (400m) 32s. Former was 4 ls better but both were virtually on pace work. Midnight Escape (C. Alford) in 2-2s; (400m) 32s. Unextended. Looking fit.

800m: Bul Bul (Engineer) in 1-2s; (400m) 31s. Fit.Illustrious Reign (Smith) in 58s; (400m) 27s. Moved impressively..Calabash (Shanker) in 57s; (400m) 28s. Fit. Kainat (Som S.) in 58s; (400m) 28s. Was unextended. Dancing Rhythm (G. Singh) in 1-0s; (400m) 28s. maintains her winning form. Flamebird (M. Reuben) in 58s; (400m) 28s. Easy.

600m: Uprising (Amjad) and Sariano (G. Singh) in 46s; (400m) 28s. They finished together. Both were easy.

400m: As A Rule (Rb) in 32s.

Sand track

1,400m: Artisia (Rb) in 1-50s; (400m) 29s. Easy. Inside Story (C. Alford) and Automatic (Shanker) in 1-44s; (400m) 29s. Former was a length better. Both moved well.

800m: Don Vittorio (Shanker) in 58s; (400m) 27s. Suriyothai (Upadhya) in 1-2s; (400m) 29s. Amaryllis (C. Alford) and Calisto (Shanker) in 1-2s; (400m) 31s. They were level. Software Classic (P. Alford) in 58s; (400m) 8s. Peppy Mistress (Som S.) in 56s; (400m) 27s. Moved well. Approval (K. Kumar) in 59s; (400m) 28s. Sencai (Engineer) in 57s; (400m) 26s. Easy. Sky Command (Jayaprakash) in 53s; (400m) 23s. Note. Scarlet Raider (Gurang) in 57s; (400m) 27s. Easy.

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