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HCL Insys launches Net phone devices

New Delhi, Sept. 4: HCL InfiNet, the internet subsidiary of HCL Infosystems, today launched a range of internet telephony devices.

Aptly called ‘Yap’ (your alternative phone) phone and ‘Yap Jack Plus’, these devices are exclusively designed for voice calling and aims to remove the bottlenecks in internet telephony such as voice breaking due to network congestion.

Catering to the retail segment, HCL InfiNet has launched these two models of internet calling devices, the Yap Phone and the Yap Jack Plus, mainly to facilitate individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), small office home offices (SOHOs) and exporters.

“With these devices, you can call any phone in the world at low rates. The calls can also be made from a PC or any standard analog phone, including a cordless having interface with the Yap phones,” said Saurav Adhikari, president and chief executive officer, HCL InfiNet.

Yap is Net2Phone’s line of hardware solutions that allows the caller to easily place low cost internet phone calls with maximum clarity and compatibility. By using Yap Phone, calls can be made from a PC or phone and routed over the internet by HCL InfiNet managed IP network. Since the calls bypass much of the traditional phone network, HCL InfiNet together with Net2Phone, can provide incredibly low rates for the millions of calls delivered worldwide.

These devices will be accessed through HCL InfiNet’s managed service called VoiceNet, which provides a customer an assured bandwidth for placing a call. “There are no strings attached for a customer to connect to an ISP for placing a call,” Adhikari said. Besides this, VoiceNet will offer 16 kilo bits of per second (kbps) of download speed per user instead of the usual one kbps offered by web-based Internet calling services. These products will be made available to the customers through InfiNet’s Channel Network.

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