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Monkey mom

Nairobi, Sept. 3 (Reuters): Sitting on a rooftop in a Nairobi suburb, a monkey delouses the baby cradled in her arms. But this baby is different — it’s a kitten.

Frail from hunger and cold, the dying white kitten lies limp in the monkey’s arms. Its new “mother” will not let anyone near to feed it. Residents passing in the street below pay scant attention to the unusual scene which has attracted television crews in recent days. The monkey has been roaming the neighbourhood for the past 18 months, snatching unattended kittens. “I have seen three different kittens,” resident Michael Ngari said yesterday. “The first was small — I think it died earlier. The second stayed for a longer time. Now this is the third one.”

Roller record

Hassloch, Germany (Reuters): Dedicated roller coaster fan Richard Rodriguez broke his fifteenth world record on Tuesday when he succeeded in spending 104 days taking the curves of one of the world’s largest big dippers. “It got more difficult to ride and ride because of the muscle fatigue with all the G-force. It wears you down a bit,” said Rodriguez, a lecturer at the University of Chicago, as he stepped down from the ride in Hassloch’s Holiday Park on which he has spent 10 hours a day since mid-May. Although the 42-year-old admitted feeling queasy on the first days of his record-breaking attempt, he said he soon got over the problem.

Food thefts

n Vienna (Reuters): Gourmet burglars have targeted restaurants in northern Austria, leaving behind empty cash registers — and a pile of dirty dishes. “That is just so cheeky, they plundered my supplies,” said one restaurateur from the town of Wieselburg, after burglars had a beer and a bite in his kitchen after raiding the till. “They ate a whole kilo of bread and my best sausages,” he was quoted as saying in the Austrian tabloid Kronen. The daily mentioned other similar cases, also in the province of Lower Austria, where thieves cooked up steaks in the kitchens after emptying restaurants of cash.

Stitched up

Zurich (Reuters): A knife-wielding man who had apparently sewn his own mouth shut with thick red thread has been transferred to a psychiatric clinic while officials probe the bizarre case, Zurich police said on Tuesday. Passers-by discovered the 39-year-old man from Iraq sitting on the ground at a central Zurich square on Monday with his lips stitched together. The man, who was foaming from his mouth, pulled a dagger on police officers who confronted him, but dropped the weapon when they threatened to unleash their dog on him. An ambulance crew cut open the thread on the way to hospital.

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