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America to blame for Sept. 11

London, Sept. 3 (Reuters): Most Europeans believe America itself is partly to blame for the devastating attacks on New York and Washington last September 11.

According to a new poll, which questioned more than 9,000 Europeans and Americans about how they look at the world one year after the attacks, 55 percent of Europeans think US foreign policy contributed to the tragic events.

The highest percentage of those who thought Washington should blame itself for the attacks was in France, at 63 percent, while the lowest was in Italy, at 51 per cent. Now, however, a large majority of Europeans — 59 per cent — think America’s overseas conduct since the attacks which killed some 3,000 people is aimed mostly at protecting itself, rather than enforcing its own will around the globe.

While Europeans are more critical than Americans of US President George W. Bush’s handling of foreign policy, the two continents’ views on the wider world as a whole are quite close.

“Despite reports of a rift between US and European governments, our survey finds more similarities than differences in how the American and European publics view the larger world,” said Craig Kennedy, president of German Marshall Fund of the US.

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