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The return of talented Ripley

Venice, Sept. 2 (Reuters): The talented Mr Ripley returned to Venice today, 20 years older and more successful than in Anthony Minghella’s 1999 blockbuster, and appealing to what star John Malkovich called people’s darker side.

Liliana Cavani’s Ripley’s Game, showing out of competition at the 59th Venice Film Festival, premiered to applause three years after Matt Damon portrayed Tom Ripley climbing from a lowly New York life to the Italian lap of luxury via a string of cold-hearted murders.

“He’s attractive to people because he acts without conscience and puts his self interest above others, which is something the majority of us are unable to do,” said Malkovich, who plays the older Ripley.

“Many people, deep in their ‘id’, would like to be able to say ‘Why not just kill him'’ and if you don’t feel too badly about it then why not' It’s a clear solution to certain things,” he added.

In the next installment of the life of The Talented Mr Ripley, based on novels by Patricia Highsmith, the callous social climber has fulfilled his dreams of wealth and is living in a Palladian villa in northeast Italy. But even with bulging pockets, hatred of inferiority lingers.

When he hears British neighbour Jonathan (Dougray Scott) accuse him of having “so much money and so little taste” Ripley wreaks revenge by setting him up as a well-paid hit man, playing on his fears of what will happen to his family when he dies of terminal leukemia.

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