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Iraq to talk with Annan, Russia warns US
Iraq, stepping up a diplomatic drive to avert a threatened US attack, said today it would discuss a conditional return of United Nations arms inspectors with UN secretary-general Kofi Annan. ...  | Read.. 
Swede to be held in custody
A Swedish court ordered today that a man of Tunisian origin suspected of planning to hijack an airliner be held in custody for two weeks while police investigate and prepare ...  | Read.. 
Instability alert in Benazir backlash
Opponents of Pakistanís military government denounced today the rejection of Opposition leader in exile Benazir Bhutto as an election candidate and warned it could cause inst ...  | Read.. 
Imranís lack of graduation hits poll bid
Former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan has had two of his five nominations to stand in October 10 elections rejected for failing to show his original university degree, h ...  | Read.. 
An Iraqi woman with her nine-year-old daughter who is suffering from leukaemia at the Mansur hospital in Baghdad. (Reuters)
Sequel shoot
Soccer spell
Jerry tribute
Implant rush in Britain to keep track of daughters
A British scientist said today he had been inundated with requests by panicked parents to implant a..  | Read.. 
Moore film mirrors Sept. 11 emotions
Todd Haynesí drama Far from Heaven is set in what many believe to be a long-gone era of the ..  | Read.. 
China blocks Google site
China appears to have blocked leading search engine Google, ...  | Read.. 

Frontrunner backs Jiang
Chinese Vice-President Hu Jintao called on Communist Party ...  | Read.. 

The return of talented Ripley
The talented Mr Ripley returned to Venice today, 20 ...  | Read.. 

Children blame adults for breaking Rio promises
A dispute between Europeans and Americans today over curbin ...  | Read.. 

Depressed teens risk obesity
Depressed adolescents run a high risk of obesity, according ...  | Read.. 

Zawahri invited to Cairo meet, via Net
The right-hand man of suspected September 11 mastermind Osa ...  | Read..