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Drown till the drains are dug

ANJAN DAS, Trinamul Congress councillor of ward no. 129 and borough chairman, met residents of the Sen Pally area of Behala to answer their queries at his office on Gopal Mishra Road. Participants included Chinmoy Chakraborty, Anath Roy, Biswajit Basu, Samiran Mondal, D. Sengupta, Biswanath Roy, Swapan Saha, Gobinda Kishore Maharatna, Benoy Kumar Swarnakar, Dibyendu Sengupta, Amit Banerjee, Bubu Bose, Samir De and Rabin Das

Chinmoy Chakraborty: We live close to Sonali Monimela, in Jairampur Jala. Our water connections were given 12 years ago. This year, we are getting water only twice or thrice a week. What is the problem'

In Behala, water is supplied from Garden Reach. When the supply started, the population was around four lakh. Now, it has almost doubled. The number of consumers has increased but the pressure of water has not. However, some projects have been taken up and after they are implemented, the situation will improve.

Anath Roy: We are residents of Adarsha Nagar. Though Behala municipality was merged with the Calcutta Municipal Corporation at least 18 years, we still do not have the basic civic amenities. For example, we don’t have a proper sewerage system. The water that accumulates on Biren Roy Road (East) floods our area, and we have to live in stagnant water as there is no outlet.

Waterlogging is not a new problem in Behala. Residents of Sen Pally and other areas face the same problem. We are waiting for the drainage project to begin with funds from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). In the last steering committee meeting, it was decided that work will start in December. According to the ADB directives, work will have to be completed by 2007.

Anath Roy: For the past year, conservancy workers come only thrice a week.

That is because of a shortage of staff.

Biswanath Roy: There is no community hall in our area.

We have the space but for want of funds, we cannot start work. I shall take up the matter with the mayor.

Anath Roy: We face a water scarcity though we live just three km away from the borough office.

That is really a shame.

Biswajit Basu: You had pledged that the Moila depot will be wound up. But excreta is still being deposited here.

Moila depot no longer exists. We plan to convert the spot into a park-cum-playground. But the project requires about Rs 30 lakh. We have Rs 9 lakh, given by local MP Krishna Basu, and MLA Partha Chattopadhyay has assured us of funds. It is expected that work will start after the Pujas. About the excreta, I shall look into the matter.

D. Sengupta: Drainage is very poor on Gopal Mishra Road. Is there any proposal to improve it'

A sum of Rs 400 crore has been sanctioned for improving the drainage system of Behala. So, after completion of the project, it is expected that the problem will be solved.

Swapan Saha: We need a health centre at Saradama Pally.

We have the space but no funds.

Gobinda Kishore Maharatna: At Sree Pally, the roads are in a deplorable state.

It is true that the roads are in poor shape. But then, a number of other roads in the ward also need repairs. I shall see to it that work can be taken up soon, within our limited resources.

The condition of our roads has deteriorated because of a strike by a section of contractors. The strike has been withdrawn and it is expected that the work will start soon.

Dibyendu Sengupta: Parthenium shrubs are flourishing near the ward office, which cause asthma and heart diseases. Will you please see that they are cut'

I shall see that the shrubs are cut soon.

Rabin Das: Residents of Naba Pally are forced to live in a waterworld for most of the year.

The problem is genuine. But I hope it will be solved by the underground drainage system being built with the ADB funds.

Samir De: The spraying of mosquito oil has been discontinued. Why'

Make a specific complaint. I will look into it. Earlier, we had five men on the job. Now we have only four.

Amit Banerjee: We residents of Sreema Pally are marooned every monsoon as the drainage pump does not work.

It is the CMDA’s responsibility to operate the pump. I shall take up the matter with them.

Bubu Bose: We residents of Arabinda Sarani are disturbed by an influx of pigs, which is posing a health hazard.

My efforts to stop the menace have been foiled by some vested-interest groups.

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