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World cannot watch Iraq make arms, says Blair

London, Aug. 31 (Reuters): The world cannot stand by and allow Iraq to develop weapons of mass destruction in “flagrant breach” of United Nations resolutions, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said today.

Blair said there was no option but to do something about Iraq’s behaviour, but insisted no decisions had been made about what action should be taken.

“The world cannot stand by and allow Iraq to be in flagrant breach of all the United Nations resolutions on developing chemical, biological and nuclear weapons,” Blair told reporters travelling with him on a three-day trip to Africa.

“Doing nothing about Iraq’s breach of these UN resolutions is not an option. That is the only decision that has been taken so far. What we do about that is an open question.” Blair’s comments were his first on Iraq in a month.

Since he last spoke about the issue in July, President George W. Bush’s administration has dramatically stepped up the war-like rhetoric against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and hammered home its case for military action against Baghdad.

At the same time German and French leaders have said they would oppose any US-led military action without a new UN Security Council resolution, leaving Blair isolated among top European leaders.

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