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China, India oppose force against Iraq
China and India, the world’s two most populous countries, stressed their opposition to the use of force against Iraq without mentioning the US by name. ...  | Read.. 
Milosevic spars with BBC scribe
Slobodan Milosevic crossed swords today with a British reporter, disputing the objectivity of the BBC as the journalist cast doubt on Serbian assertions that Nato bombs kille ...  | Read.. 
Karachi faces militant threat
Pakistan said today it had credible information that Islamic militants angered by President Pervez Musharraf’s support for the US-led war on terror might launch attacks in Ka ...  | Read.. 
No end to army action: Nepal
Nepal said today there would be no let up in army operations against Maoist rebels fighting to overthrow the constitutional monarchy even after a state of emergency expires. ...  | Read.. 
perfect pooches: Two-month-old puppies sit inside a Hong Kong pet shop. The pet shop owner rents out the pups to ...  | Read
Out of breath
Name game
Gold Buddha
Hybrid cub
Dictators and the art of quitting gracefully
Attention African leaders: Don’t wait to be forced from office in a messy coup — Boston University ..  | Read.. 
LA students face soft drink bar
Los Angeles county school officials voted yesterday to ban the sale of soft drinks to its 735,0000 ..  | Read.. 
Khatami issues warning to Bush
Iranian President Mohammad Khatami warned the US today agai ...  | Read.. 

Cherie to fight case for Gurkhas
A group of Nepalese former Gurkha soldiers who survived yea ...  | Read.. 

Summit mulls ways to quench planet’s thirst
Earth Summit delegates today tackled ways to quench the pla ...  | Read..