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Iraq defiant, Arabs alarmed by US rhetoric
Renewed US talk of war to topple Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein drew defiance from Baghdad today and a warning from Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak that any such attack could plunge West Asia into chaos. ...  | Read.. 
Nine-month emergency to be lifted for elections
Nepal will lift the nine-month old state of emergency for November general elections in compliance with a constitutional obligation, deputy home minister Devendra Raj Kandel ...  | Read.. 
Big business hijacks summit
Activists accused big business today of hijacking the Earth Summit from its goal of curbing poverty without damaging the planet. ...  | Read.. 
Belgium furore over arms sale to Nepal
A top Belgian Green minister said today she was resigning in protest at the sale of 5,500 machineguns to conflict-torn Nepal, but Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said he stuck ...  | Read.. 
A woman presents the official Oktoberfest beer mug in Munich on Tuesday. The Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest beer ...  | Read
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Bog champ
Burnt guitar
Giant prints
Cancer-causing agent found in coffee
German researchers said today they had found traces in coffee of a substance which may cause human ..  | Read.. 
Taslima’s new book banned
Bangladesh has banned the latest book by fire-brand feminist and controversial writer Taslima Nasre..  | Read.. 
Pak delays gangrape trial verdict
A Pakistani court has delayed until Saturday a verdict in t ...  | Read.. 

Confirmed: Japan germ warfare in China
A Japanese court today recognised for the first time that J ...  | Read..