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In a remote village in Bihar, Poonam, an elderly woman from the backward class, protests against atrocities perpetrated by landlords. In order to teach her a lesson, the landlords employ goons to rape her. The incident is flashed in newspapers. Very soon droves of social activists from the city troop in the village. Their singular aim is to seek justice for Poonam and help her regain self-respect and dignity. These overzealous activists zero in on television as the perfect medium to highlight the atrocities of the landlords. Accordingly, they conceive a dramatised talk-show in episodes, recreating the entire incident and highlighting the plight of the victim. They plan to get Poonam on the show for greater impact. But these activists overlook the fact that the media world is driven by consumerism and even a heinous crime is packaged to derive maximum profit. Meanwhile, Poonam is threatened of dire consequences if she goes ahead with the show. Besides, she shudders at the prospect of having to re-live her insult and shame once more before an audience and refuses to participate in the show. In the whirlpool of vested interests, the show is stalled. As the dust settles down, a dejected Poonam accepts the ignominy of her existence. This Sudrak production is dramatised and directed by Debasis Majumdar.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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