I�d almost given up: Sourav
BCCI yet to resolve contract issue
Revival plan on right track
18 cars, 24 bikesin contention
15 teams confirm entry
Md. Sporting drop first points
Bhutia�s new beginning
In The City
Calcutta Racing/ �Mack� may lift Independence Cup
Mysore Races/ Milan may win main event

London, Aug. 13: 
The Gangulys were planning a meal out in Nottingham Monday night, but with infant daughter Sana developing fever, Sourav and Dona chose to remain at the Hilton itself. That allowed the Indian captain to park himself before the TV for highlights of the last day at Trent Bridge.

The Sky Sports 1 package, understandably, featured Sourav rather prominently and when his dismissal (on 99) was replayed, Sourav relived that moment of acute disappointment one more time.

�Actually, I just wanted to defend... Yet, as it turned out, I got that inside-edge (off Stephen Harmison) and... Getting out once on 99 is bad enough, to do so twice... I don�t think anybody can be more disappointed than I am, but I�ve now got to look ahead,� Sourav told The Telegraph.

One run more and Sourav would have registered a hundred in each Test appearance at Trent Bridge. On that 1996 trip (debut series), Sourav had 136 in the first innings. Incidentally, his first dismissal on 99 was in Nagpur, against Sri Lanka, in November 1997.

Sourav added: �Frankly, at that point (378 for six) Monday, I thought we could lose the Test. I�d almost given up when (Parthiv) Patel stood rock-like... For a 17-year-old debutant, he showed extraordinary temperament.�

The captain had high praise for senior pros Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid as well.

�One need not say much about Sachin�s brilliance� As for Dravid he again stamped his class. Outside the sub-continent, it�s only in Australia that he hasn�t scored a hundred. It�s quite a record,� Sourav pointed out in a tone of absolute admiration.

According to Sourav, he was relaxed only during the last ten overs, when Patel and Zaheer Khan were at the wicket. Though Patel played because of Ajay Ratra�s last-minute pullout, he is set to be rewarded by being retained for the Headingley Test (from August 22).

But before Headingley is the four-dayer versus Essex in Chelmsford, and it�s certain that Shiv Sundar Das will be played. Shiv Sundar hasn�t had a game after failing against West Indies A in Arundel, a month back.

Shiv Sundar�s inclusion will be significant. After all, a handsome score may find him regaining one of the opening slots at Wasim Jaffer�s expense. The latter, to put it mildly, has been most unimpressive.

With Jaffer a weak link at the top, India�s cause isn�t being served. Indeed, being 0-1 down, muscular starts alone will allow Sourav room to manoeuvre. Time, of course, is running out.

Meanwhile, keeping the upcoming Ashes in mind, Andrew Flintoff could be �rested� for the remainder of the series. Otherwise, he may be omitted from the Champions Trophy squad. This was indicated by captain Nasser Hussain at Trent Bridge.


Calcutta, Aug. 13: 
The stand-off between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and International Cricket Council (ICC) over �contractual obligations� for next month�s Champions Trophy in Colombo remained unresolved Tuesday.

According to The Telegraph�s sources, a senior BCCI functionary spoke to some players in London during the day but failed to achieve a breakthrough. While the BCCI top brass agrees that the ICC�s interests cannot be ignored, they also feel the players cannot be asked to sacrifice their endorsements.

It is learnt that Australia and England players have also not signed on the contract. As of now, their personal endorsements do not involve a conflict of interests but they have refrained from signing, keeping in mind their future contracts.

The BCCI is keeping a close touch with other boards. �Hypothetically, the Board will have to abide by the ICC since we were a party to the ICC clause. But the players too cannot be asked to compromise on their earnings. It�s a tricky situation,� was how a BCCI official put it.

The ICC has refused to change the marketing protection given to its sponsors which bars cricketers from endorsing any product potentially conflicting with interests of the official sponsors for their tournaments till 2007. The players are not supposed to endorse such products one month before and after the tournament.

The reluctance of the Indian players to sign on the dotted line has forced the BCCI to withhold the announcement of their squad for the September 12-29 meet. The ICC has given India time till Friday to confirm their players and abide by �contractual obligations�.

Reuters adds: The ICC regulations preventing players from endorsing products conflicting with official sponsors are illegal, Australian Cricketers� Association (ACA) head Tim May said in Melbourne Tuesday.

�That would mean a player would have to breach an existing contract,� May said. �That�s not only unreasonable, it�s unlawful.

�It�s a no-brainer. The players want to play in the tournament, make no mistake about that, but they are very concerned about that one clause.�

ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed has said he would not tolerate any infringement of the deal agreed by member countries to thwart rival marketing schemes at their events, including the 2003 World Cup in South Africa.

�It isn�t about a money grab, it�s about a fundamental principle,� May said. �A player is not being allowed to endorse any product or service where that product or service conflicts with that of an ICC major sponsor.

�There are some serious international cricketers who will be affected by this. It�s a very difficult situation and may only be settled as a temporary measure for the Champions Trophy.�


Aug. 13: 
The tide wasn�t rough and the time was ripe to take a firm step forward. Competition in the LG Cup in Vietnam was less intense than in a proper six-nation international meet, considering most were under-23 sides. But one has to start somewhere, and winning a title of any hue abroad is not a bad beginning.

These tournaments may not count immensely in terms of ranking points but the team winning it gains elsewhere. Clinching a final in front of a vocal home crowd can do wonders to the confidence of a team and I hope the Indians make it count.

Like failure, success can also form the base of success and this victory in Vietnam will taste sweeter if it leads to something commendable at the Asian Games. But failure there should not be treated as calamitous as long as things move in the right direction.

In no sphere of life do things happen overnight and we have no choice but to wait as far as regaining reputation as a football force is concerned. Today we have won a competition featuring the backbenchers of Asia but even that has come after going through a process.

I think the Indian team�s tour of England in 2000 marked the beginning of our attempt at revival. We were getting pushed to the end of the tunnel and we were drifting away from the mainstream. We needed some fresh air and the matches on that trip pulled us back towards contemporary football.

Not many took our 0-2 defeat against Fulham and 0-0 draw with West Bromwich Albion seriously, but both these clubs are now in the Premier League.

Clearly, even they were on the way to what was their goal and when they have achieved it, there is reason to believe so can we.

Apart from the Millennium Cup, where we fielded a sub-par side, our performance at the international level after the tour of England has not been dismal. We lost in the first round of the Asian championship in Abu Dhabi but were not disgraced.

The win over UAE in the World Cup qualifiers drew wide attention and to the credit of our players, things have not dipped since.

The lesson here is, there is no substitute of the good old method of waiting for things to get better after setting the ball rolling. Apart from the players and coaching staff, the federation deserves a pat on the back for making an effort.

The fact that the team will get a few more friendlies against an international side (Jamaica) is a smart promo of the federation�s hitherto commendable attempt.

That players will not be allowed to turn out for their clubs till the Asian Games get over is a difficult and bold decision.

This problem persists everywhere and yes, at times, it does appear harsh on the clubs which take care of the players� well-being. This conflict is yet to be totally resolved and it will be prudent to let the national coach work in the environs he deems best.

With the Asian Games not far away, the team needs constant training and the clubs must realise these are still early days in the season with the prime tournaments some distance away. The result of going through the rigours of club football before entering an international event is far from beneficial as was seen in the World Cup where many top stars limped off instead of running for glory.

The sight of the Indian football captain holding aloft a trophy is heartening because it�s rare. It�s nostalgic as well, and yet, expecting it to reappear in the near future is asking for too much.

The point to remember here is that a process has been started and early results are encouraging. What happens next will not make or break things but be a clear indication of whether we are on the right track. I have a gut feeling that we are.

Before signing off, I want to congratulate the women�s hockey team. There were gold medals galore for India at the Manchester Commonwealth Games but the one snatched by the hockey players under extreme adversity was perhaps the brightest of them all.

The supervision was shameless in the last two matches but the unwavering determination of the girls was inspiring. I�m not sure what monetary reward they will get, but the grit shown was priceless.


Calcutta, Aug. 13: 
Eighteen cars and 24 motorcycles have entered for The Telegraph Monsoon Rally�s third edition, an annual time-speed-distance event that will, this time, cover 657km over terrain for serendipity.

Starting in the morning of Friday, the rallyists will have negotiated 20-odd undisclosed time controls to reach Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, to complete the first leg of this �national event�, a status givenby the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India.

The interest of this rally this time will be in the rains. It will be in a long time that the Monsoon Rally � refurbished by the Bengal Motor Sports Club (BMSC) after it went off route in the mid Nineties � will be run in the rainy season. The speciality of such a rally is in the route. The topography changes starkly with every shower and with every set of cars through the roads, causeways, and through the unsealed surfaces, or off-roaders, so to say, that comprise 11 per cent of the entire route.

This rally will also comprise the fourth and fifth legs (the final legs) of the East India Regional Rally Champion Driver title race. The first two legs were in the Kalinga Rally (Baripada), and the third was in the Kaviguru Rally (Santiniketan).

Ace rallyist Sanjay Arya is currently leading the championship in the four-wheeler category with 60 points, while Rana Dey is leading among two-wheelers with 45 points. Arya is a good deal ahead of the competition � Chandrachud Bhattacharya (31), Mitil Chakraborty (27), Prasanta Paul (26), Bharat Parekh (25) and Jogender Jaiswal (22). Yet, this rally leaves the competition open, because 40 more points can be collected from these two legs.

Similarly, following Rana Dey are Sutanu Roy (36), Mukesh Thakkar (30), Swapan Dasgupta (26), Manish Chakraborty (25) and Valmiki Biswas (23). The two-wheeler race for the overall title is, thus a closer one.

As usual, Maruti Esteems have overridden the four-wheeler population (12 of them), with two Maruti 800s, a Gypsy, a Gypsy King (powered up), a Maruti 1000 and even a Santro. There are no modified cars in this rally.

The route will be through Howrah and Midnapore in West Bengal, and East Singbhum in Jharkhand before the first leg terminates at the Keenan Stadium. Next is a beautiful leg, covering East Singbhum, Purulia, Seraikella, Kharswan and Ranchi districts before the cars return to Jamshedpur where the prize distribution will take place.

The prizes for the overall East India winner will be distributed at a different function in November-December, informed Kunal Banerjee, secretary of BMSC. He said there will be two fully equipped ambulances on the route which can be called up by wireless. The service vehicles will also be allowed at passage controls, and any given point of time the service cars will be no more than 150km away from their drivers.

The total prize money pool is Rs 1,83,000, with the four-wheeler champion getting Rs 50,000 and the two-wheeler winner getting Rs 25,000.

Among the participants Gurlukh Ganguly will be the lone lady competitor and there will be four novice teams (two in each category). The maximum average speed along the route will be 55kmph, so it won�t be a slow one.


Calcutta, Aug. 13: 
This year it is Calcutta�s turn to host the All India South Asia rugby championship, which alternates between the city and Mumbai.

From Saturday till August 24, the CC&FC will witness 15 teams, some homegrown and others from afar as Mumbai and Delhi, in this, the 79th edition of the championship.

The outstation teams to watch out for in this meet, organised in co-operation with the Indian Rugby Football Union and the Bengal Rugby Union, are holders Bombay Gymkhana and Greater Mumbai Police. Bombay Gymkhana are the hosts for the Mumbai editions of the championship.

Among city teams, Future Hope � a young team that has shown a lot of promise � LMOB, CFC and Calcutta Police are expected to put up a stiff challenge. Future Hope has got the better of all the aforementioned city teams in past encounters.

Sri Lanka�s Old Peterites � regulars at the championship and runners-up in the last edition � were to have been the sole foreign entrants, but pulled out at the last moment.

The games will be played on a knockout-cum-league basis with teams losing their first encounter going into competition for the Loser�s Plate. The winners will slug it out for the Main Plate. Finals of both sections will be played on August 24.

Another interesting feature of the meet is the All India 7�s, scheduled for August 23. This one-day event will involve games with seven-member teams instead of the usual 15.


Calcutta, Aug. 13: 
Quite in keeping with the damp, overcast conditions, Tuesday�s Calcutta Football League between Mohammedan Sporting and Tollygunge Agragami at the Salt Lake Stadium had all the attributes of what is called a damp squib. In a match, which had hardly anything exhilarating to offer, both teams got their just dessert� a goalless draw.

The result, thus, halted Mohammedan�s winning run (13 points from five matches). Tollygunge have so far collected six.

The post-match analysis was a series of �ifs and buts� as the coaches tried to conjure various reasons to explain their wards� inabilty to produce a result. A variety of causes, right from the absence of key players to the refereeing of Udayan Haldar were cited as killjoys that prevented them from delivering something beautiful. These were, however, simply escape routes to justify listless and mediocre football.

Quite frankly, with the way they played, neither team deserved to win. The only thing they succeeded in doing was to put a wet blanket on a decent crowd that had turned up.

The match itself witnessed activity in fits and starts. Following a lacklustre first half, where the only moment of excitement was an Akeem Abolanle miss, Tollygunge got off to a brisk start after the change of sides. Thanks to the Mehtab Hossain-Ashim Biswas combination, they came close to breaking the deadlock at least on a couple of occasions. But Ashim headed off target from a relatively advantageous position.

As the dust of Tollygunge�s attacks settled down, especially with Mehtab�s substitution because of an injured leg, Mohammedan felt the urgency to probe the rival box.

In the 64th minute, Syed Rahim Nabi sent a measured cross towards the box when his marker Isiaka Awoyemi charged up to block his run down the right wing. With Tollygunge defender Kabijit Khotel stranded awkwardly, Mohammedan�s left-half Bhuvan Joshi was left unmarked in the left corner of the box. However, Joshi tried to dodge past goalkeeper Gopal Das as he was moving up and in the end, his turn with the ball was too quick to stop it going out of the touchline.

Five minutes later, Dipendu Biswas was blocked rather outrageously by Tollygunge defender Debkumar Sasmal inside the box, but the referee carried on, indicating it was a fair challenge.

In the 75th minute, Ashim got hold of a loose ball near the box, managed to get rid of Mohammedan deep defender Hussain Mustafi�s challenge before delivering a left-footer. But it was not enough to trouble goalkeeper Prasanta Dora.

Nine minutes from time, Nabi again created another gilt-edged chance. He left Kabijit behind with his run on the left and made a dash towards the goal. He intended to float a cross for unmarked Dipendu in the opposite end. However, the ball took a turn and as it was dipping in, Gopal just managed to stretch his hand in time to thwart the danger. The ball touched the tip of the crossbar before going out.


Mohammedan Sporting: Prasanta Dora; Biswanath Mondal, Hussain Mustafi, Insan Ali; Amandeep Singh, Bhuvan Joshi (Arunava Sarkar 73), Habeeb Adekunle, Amit Das, Syed Rahim Nabi; Christian Okolonko, Dipendu Biswas (Amzad Ansari 85).

Tollygunge Agragami: Gopal Das; Kabijit Khotel, Debkumar Sasmal, Sujit Neogi, Deepayan Majumdar; Isiaka Awoyemi, Mehtab Hossain (Uttam Debnath, 67), Sandip Das, Sujoy Dutta (Srikanta Dutta, 87), Ashim Biswas, Akeem Abolanle.

Referee: Udyan Haldar.

Ever-Ready win

Ever-Ready beat Calcutta Port Trust 2-1 in another Super Division match. Anupam Sarkar and Surajit Chakraborty scored for the winners, while Sanjit Saha pulled one back for Port Trust.

In a first division group A match, CFC�s Ganesh Das and Howrah Union�s P. Chakraborty were red-carded. CFC won 3-0.


Calcutta, Aug. 13: 
The synchronisation with Brazilian Jose Ramirez Barreto was tempting, so was being associated with the country�s national club under Subrata Bhattacharya. No wonder that India captain Bhaichung Bhutia promised a �new beginning� of his career when he signed for Mohun Bagan amid much fanfare Tuesday.

If the sheer enthusiasm, with which Bhaichung was presented with the club jersey (number 15), was anything to go by, it also promised to be a new boost for the fans at large. �I�m honoured to play for Mohun Bagan,� he said, much to the hurray of thousands of fans in the club tent.

Bhaichung felt India�s win in the six-nation meet in Ho Chi Minh City was a �huge morale booster� for Indian football, but refused to get drawn into the recent tussle between clubs and the federation over releasing players for club assignments. He, however, regretted lack of support in forming a players� association.

Meanwhile, Mohun Bagan claimed they have got an assurance from the AIFF that their players called for the national camp ahead of the Pusan Asian Games, would be released for the club�s Asian Champions League engagements.


Aug. 13: 

Qamar, Nabi felicitated

East Bengal felicitated Commonwealth Games gold- winning boxer Mohammad Ali Qamar and new football sensation Syed Rahim Nabi on the club�s Sports Day, held in memory of its former secretary Dipak Das. The club also feted and presented best players of the different Calcutta Football League divisions with sporting kits. They were Laltu Mondal of Peerless and Police AC�s Barun Dana (first division group A and group B, respectively), Greer�s Samir Sarkar (second division), Janbazar�s Mainak Mutsuddi (third division), Sujoy Mondal of Chaitali Sangha (fourth division) and Beliaghata Friends� Rintu Ghosh (fifth division).

Natl bowling

The national bowling championships will be held across 26 satellite cities, including Siliguri, starting from Friday. In a new format, bowlers will play the first round of six games each in these cities. From the second round onwards, six cities will host the action � Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore � from which 48 bowlers will vie for top honours in the final, to be held in Bangalore from September 24-29.

Ahmed shocked

Sudhir Pataudi shocked state champion Shahnawaz Ahmed 104-38 in the Oswal Sports Club-organised one-frame handicap snooker meet Tuesday. Former state junior champion Shahid Khan was also beaten, by M. Raj.

Today i n Sport

FOOTBALL: CFL 1st division group A � Rajasthan Club vs B.N.R. RC (Howrah Union); George Telegraph vs Sonali Shibir (East Bengal). Group B � Aikya Sammilani vs Anushilani (Md. Sporting), Sporting Union vs Bally Protiva (Tarun Sangha); United Student Club vs Behala Youth (SAP-1); Taltala DS vs Barisha SC (Mohun Bagan); Aryan Club vs Calcutta Police (SAI-III); Muslim Institute vs Milan Samity (Rabindra Sarobar). Matches from 3.30 pm. 2nd division: Young Corner vs Chandney SC (Kalighat); Kumartuli Inst. vs Kalighat MS (Taltala); Southern Samity vs Howrah Town (BG Press); Greer SC vs Calcutta Gymkhana (Customs); Taltala Institute vs Janbazar AC (Police); Tangra FC vs Bowbazar YMU (High Court). Matches from 4 pm.    

Calcutta, Aug. 13: 
The two trophy events in Wednesday�s race-card promise keen competition. In the feature event, the 1,400m Independence Cup, a close contest is on the cards between Smart Ruler, the top three-year-old of last winter, and Mack The Knife who had placed a good third in the 2,000 Guineas. However, it is the John Stephens-trained �Knife� who may return triumphant in the hands of Robert Gowli as the youngster from Daniel David�s yard does not seem to be in the condition he was seen during the winter season.

The Coxcomb Cup may witness the last outing failed-favourite My Opinion making amends. The Deepak Karki-trained five-year-old had placed a good third in his previous start and the Cruchan-Angelina Ballerina son appears to have been benefited by the forward run

Read as: Horse nos, last four runs, horse name, trainer, jockey, weight & draw:

1st Race at 2.00 p.m.

Sun Lion Handicap 1,100m (Cl IV; 5-y-o & over Rt. 22-50)�Indian jockeys only
1 - 001 Spanish Drum�s [Daniel] V. Jaiswal 60.0 4
2 0403 Starina [R. Alford] I. Chisty 58.5 3
3 2433 Storm Centre [Rodrigues] Surjeet S. 56.5 1
4 0000 Flying Scot [Karki] G. Singh 55.5 2
5 0000 Auctioneer [Mujeeb] K. Kumar 54.5 5

1. Starina (2) 2. Storm Centre (3) 3. Auctioneer (5)

Starina: Filled the frame twice this season. May do the trick in the hands of Chisty. Storm Centre: Favoured at the weights against Starina. Auctioneer: Upset, if any.

2nd Race at 2.40 p.m.

Royal Mantle Handicap 1,100m (Cl V; 3-y-o only Rt.00-28) � Indian jockeys only
1 - 343 Assailer [Mujeeb] S. Domingo 60.0 10
2 0002 Primaticcio [Daniel] Merchant 60.0 9
3 - - 03 Anacott [Mujeeb] Md Amil 59.5 7
4 - - - 3 Adducer [Bharath] S. Rabani 59.0 4
5 - - 10 Actable [Mujeeb] S. Shanker 58.5 2
6 - 040 Dancing Rhythm [Bath] Surender 57.0 3
7 0003 Moon Quest [Daniel] A. P. Singh 57.0 5
8 - 000 Cupola [Stephens] Surjeet S. 55.0 8
9 0044 Pehlvan [Bharath] Md Islam 55.0 6
10 0004 Software Classic [Stephens] F. A. Khan 53.0 1

1.Software Classic (10) 2. Actable (5) 3. Primaticcio (2)

Software Classic: Literally, going a bare-back and looking well, too. Actable: A promising youngster who is working well. Primaticcio: May place.

3rd Race at 3.15 p.m.

Independence Cup 1,400m (Cl III; Rt. 44-72)
1 - 011 Prince of Fashion [R. Alford] I. Chisty 60.0 1
2 - 332 Mack The Knife [Stephens] R. Gowli 58.0 5
3 1122 Lucifer [Rodrigues] Upadhya 56.0 7
4 2300 Peace Envoy [Daniel] Asghar 56.0 6
5 -041 Aiberni [Bharath] C. Alford 53.5 3
6 - 311 Smart Ruler [Daniel] Merchant 53.0 4
7 - - 22 Abridge [Mujeeb] S. Shanker 52.0 2

1. Mack The Knife (2) 2. Smart Ruler (6) 3. Aiberni(5)

Mack The Knife: A good third in the Guineas. Looks good for his Class III rivals. Smart Ruler: Top rated youngster but looking dull. Aiberni: May place.

4th Race at 3.50 p.m.

Myall King Handicap 1,400m (Cl V; Rt. 00-28) � Indian jockeys only
1 0000 Adams Dream [Karki] P. Alford 60.0 3
2 0000 Royal Philosopher [Daniel] Md Yasin 60.0 8
3 0221 Mahika�s Pet [R. Alford] I. Chisty 59.5 7
4 3040 Impressive Prince[Daniel] B. Gurang 57.5 9
5 0041 Asprey [Rodrigues] Surjeet S. 57.0 1
6 2033 Bay Dragon [Daniel] Merchant 57.0 5
7 0444 Soliel [Karki] A. P. Singh 57.0 2
8 2040 Archery [Mujeeb] S. Shanker 54.5 4
9 0030 Global Harmony [Mujeeb] Jayaprakash 51.0 6

1. Archery (8) 2. Mahika�s Pet (3) 3. Bay Dragon (6)

Archery: Failed favourite on a couple of occasions last winter. May make amends. Mahika�s Pet: Won a good waiting race over 1,200m. Bay Dragon: May place.

5th Race at 4.20 p.m.

Coxcomb Cup 1,400m (Cl IV; Rt. 22-50)
1 0000 Flamebird [Javed] C. Alford 60.0 6
2 2403 My Opinion [Karki] A. P. Singh 59.5 1
3 1200 Alborada [Daniel] Merchant 59.0 7
4 0131 Darth Vader [R. Alford] I. Chisty 57.5 2
5 0003 Yukon [Rodrigues] Surjeet S. 57.0 4
6 2330 Tequila Shot [Bath] G. Singh 56.0 3
7 4424 Rheinheart [Bath] S. Shanker 55.0 5

1. My Opinion (2) 2. Rheinheart (7) 3. Flamebird (1)

My Opinion: A good third as a favourite. May win now. Rheinheart: Finished behind My Opinion. May go close to this time. Flamebird: May place.

6th Race at 4.50 p.m.

Zelda Handicap 1,200m (Cl III; Rt. 44-72)
1 - 403 Alsheim [Mujeeb] C. Alford 60.0 5
2 0113 Excellent Striker [Daniel] R. Yadav 59.0 6
3 4401 Kargil Soldier [Stephens] Surjeet S. 56.0 1
4 3421 Secret Adversary [Daniel] Merchant 54.0 4
5 0000 Gra-Lemor [Daniel] Md Yasin 53.5 2
6 4333 Bird�s Empire [Daniel] Md Yacoob 52.5 3

1. Alsheim (1) 2. Secret Adversary (4) 3. Bird�s Empire (6)

Alsheim: Down a class and sparingly raced. May strike. Secret Adversary: Looking and working well. Bird�s Empire: Upset, if any.

Day�s Best: My Opinion

Double: Software Classic & Archery

Mysore, Aug. 13: 
Milan, who had a set-back during the summer season but a two time winner and a runner-up in his last three starts earlier in the winter, looks to have come into his own and, therefore, tipped to lift the Independence Cup on Wednesday the opening day�s main attraction here. K. P. Appu partners the Z. Darashah-trainee.


2.15 pm: Noble Regent 1. The Soothsayer 2. Dimerub 3.
2.45 pm: Squeeze 1. Anjaam 2. Emerald Forest 3.
3.15 pm: Ascot Knight 1. Prime Contender 2. Persian Delight 3.
3.45 pm: Classic Ballet 1. So Supreme 2. Good Life 3.
4.15 pm: Milan 1. Society Dream 2. Campanero 3.
4.45 pm: Star Illustrious 1. Tabreez 2. Clipper 3.
5.15 pm: Fereneze 1. Krugar Park 2. Afaza 3.

Day�s Best: Noble Regent

Double: Ascot Knight & Classic Ballet

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