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June 11: 
That victors will one day be vanquished is a way of life and France�s first-round ouster isn�t unbelievable, considering the writing was already on the wall. Their task had become Herculean after the first two games, and Denmark were always going to be tough. The 0-2 defeat � when France needed a 2-0 win � thus, doesn�t defy the logic of football. What an inevitable of such magnitude, however, does is that it leads to hours of autopsy of performance: Why so and not otherwise...

Starting with the injury to Zinedine Zidane to the absence of other key players in crucial games, a number of factors contributed to the fall of the titans but before dwelling on them, let�s see how France fared in their last match. They needed a win and even though the inspirational Zinedine Zidane was back, Henry and Emmanuel Petit were absent due to suspension. France needed an early goal but David Trezeguet failed to rise to the occasion twice inside the first 18 minutes and it was all over for the champions when Denmark scored in the 22nd.

From a broader point of view, those early lapses in front of the Danish goal mirrored France�s principal handicap. They lacked a striker who could be effective in a crowd and both Henry and Trezeguet were uncomfortable when crammed for room. They look different when allowed time or space but can�t finish with one or two touches from tight angles.

Asking for more in a World Cup is asking for too much and that�s why France crashed out without scoring in three games. Even the substitute strikers didn�t show the tenacity to snatch fifty-fifty balls.

The absence of Zidane was, of course, a major blow and though in distinct discomfort with a troubled left thigh, the midfielder showed glimpses of his extraordinary vision in the last match. He was missed earlier because there was nobody in the French midfield to hold the ball and give direction to the attacking build-ups. Pattrick Vieira and Petit shouldered enormous load but couldn�t slip in the pass that would turn a match.

The lack of creativity in midfield could have been offset with thrust from the flanks but those concerned were surprisingly subdued. Bixente Lizarazu and Lilian Thuram have often been menacing with their strong runs and whipping crosses but in this World Cup, they were seldom seen working in tandem. The coach tried to push two forwards wide with another in the middle but this didn�t surprise the rivals as much as the overlapping side-backs would.

The absence of youngsters also affected France. The deep defenders have slowed down with age, as was exposed by Senegal, and the sight of a Dugarry or Djorkaeff coming in as replacements in crunch situations didn�t inspire confidence. France didn�t spawn up fresh talent in this World Cup and must look for some to retain the top spot in rankings. Luck went against them as well, which became evident from the number of times they hit the woodwork.

Having identified these as reasons behind France�s failure, it should be noted that a coach must have prepared for these eventualities. Roger Lemerre knew what his strength was but didn�t have any contingency plan.

The coach of a team hoping to win the World Cup should have been ready for situations where he can�t use the best of his resources. It�s difficult to prepare for the unforeseen but equally important to have a back-up plan ready.

Another factor that troubled France and will put many other teams in problem is the tight schedule of European club competitions. Many of the players look jaded after the gruelling tournaments, which concluded only weeks before the World Cup.

People concerned have started thinking whether the club championships could be rescheduled so that the players get the time to prepare for the World Cup. Not just players, teams and spectators, even the game will suffer if a solution is not found.


June 11: 

10 Bengal paddlers for world jr meet

Ten Bengal paddlers were included in the 20-member India junior team selected for the world table tennis youth festival to be held at Tiszaujvaros, Hungary, from June 13 to 16.

The team, which underwent 21days of training in Ajmer, will participate in three categories.

The squad

Junior Boys: Sourav Chakraborthy, Ranabir Das, Arunava Ganguly and Ankur Mahajan. Cadet boys: Niloy Basak, Devesh Karia, Arpit Bhopalkar and Aniket Koparker. Mini cadet boys: Shusoban Das and Jubin Kumar. Junior girls: Sushmita Roy, Nandita Saha, Mousmi Paul and M. Aparna. Cadet girls: Neha Aggarwal, Shalankara Mahalanabis, J. Swarna, Pallavi Kundu and Shikha Sharma. Mini cadet girls: Pallabi Parasar. Coaches: Bhawani Mukherjee and Sandeep Gupta.

Gokhale win

Gokhale Memorial defeated La Martiniere for Girls� by a canvas in the senior girls� event of the 30th Indian Oil Servo national inter-school regatta Tuesday.

Other results

Senior girls: Birla High bt Ashok Hall, M.P. Birla bt G.D. Birla, Mahadevi Birla bt Birla High, Modern High bt St Thomas

Junior girls: Modern High bt Birla High, South Point bt Ashok Hall, Desh Bandhu Valika Vidyalaya bt St Thomas, Mahadevi Birla bt St Thomas

Senior Boys: M.P. Birla bt Don Bosco, National High bt Heerendra Leela, Islamia High bt Birla High, St James bt M.G. Rungta

Junior Boys: South Point bt Birla High School, Khalsa High School bt Future Hope, St Xaviers� bt Apeejay School, Harley�s bt Birla High, South Point bt St Lawrence

Bengal teams

Bengal teams for the 29th junior national and the 19th sub-junior aquatic championships were named Tuesday. The junior meet will take place in Chennai (June 19-23) while the sub-junior meet will be on in Bangalore (July 10-13). A total of 24 swimmers (12 girls) in the junior tournament while a contingent of 37 swimmers (22 boys and 15 girls) for the sub-junior meet will represent Bengal.


Rowing: 30th Indian Oil Servo national inter-school regatta championships (Lake Club, 6:15 am)    

Mysore, June 11: 
The nine day Mysore summer season meet will commence from Wednesday and conclude on July 31. The season will see approximately 350 runners vying for stakes to the tune Rs 53,68,090 � an increase of 10 percent paid out last year. These runners will be saddle by 22 schoolars.


1.45 pm: Great Prince 1. Silver Touch 2. Make No Mistake 3.

2.15 pm: Laplander 1. Royal Satsuma 2. Random Hearts 3.

2.45 pm: Sassy 1. Beautiful Bird 2. Russian Art 3.

3.15 pm: Buffalo Park 1. Lali 2. Waves of Emotion 3.

3.45 pm: Golden Throne 1. Chanel 2. On The Post 3.

4.15 pm: Terrific Dancer 1. Tresorie 2. Weapon Alpha 3.

4.45 pm: Clipper 1. Radical 2. Renzino 3.

5.15 pm: Musselburg 1. Vereva 1. Good Win 3.

Day�s Best: Terrific Dancer

Double: Buffalo Park & Clipper.


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